Return of Miss World

Miss Barbados World is back!

After a two-year hiatus,  new franchise holder, Caribbean Market Centre, is currently recruiting ladies to vie for the coveted title of Miss Barbados World later this year and then go on to represent the island at the global pageant in China.

In 2015, former Miss Barbados World, Leah Marville, gave up the franchise after noting that it was a yearly struggle to put on the show.

Reigning Miss Barbados World Zoe Trotman.

New National Director, Rodney Powers, said his organization was pleased to be bringing the show back and was looking to groom a young lady to be a fine ambassador of Barbados.

“One of the mandates for the Caribbean Market Centre is to develop and enhance skills whilst providing an opportunity to grow, not only in fashion but also in any creative sector,” Powers told Bajan Vibes.

“What our focus was when we got the arrangement, was to develop young ladies . . . where they can represent their country as ambassadors. Young females who become humanitarians, who are able to do charity work,  work with others, build programmes to help people,” he added.

Rodney Powers

Powers, who is no stranger to the pageant scene, said he was looking forward to working with the ladies.

“I worked with the Miss Universe organization in 2009, with the Donald Trump Foundation, worked with the inter-school pageants. I’m well aware of the area and working with and developing the girls and the males as well,” he said.   

In an exclusive interview, Powers said they were overwhelmed by the response to the news of the pageant’s return.

“We are happy to announce that we had a great response on our online campaign soliciting girls for the show. We had over 44 females respond and we are looking for 10 to12 girls,” he said.

He assured: “Everyone will be treated fairly. It’s a very fair process, whereby we put out the information, everyone receives the same
thing. There’s no favoritism, no prejudice, everything is on a level playing field so everyone has the same opportunity to achieve the goal as a winner.”

Powers revealed that reigning Miss Barbados World, Zoe Trotman,  was fully on board and assisting them with putting on a spectacular show. “She’s very supportive of what we are doing,”  he said.

The Miss World Barbados show, scheduled for September 24 at the Concorde Experience, will be staged under the theme Barbados Takes Flight.  Explaining the theme, Powers said: “It’s a different dimension, different concept, things like that and how we want Barbados to be represented in China for the Miss World competition in December. We are taking flight, we are moving forward, we are developing , we are educating, we are empowering women to achieve goals.”

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    What is the purpose of this competition and is it regulated?


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