Meet the monarchs of CP!

On a night which saw eight “royal” delegates vying for a crown,  “Sir” Rasheed Pilgrim and “Lady” Danissa Belgrave-Broomes emerged as eventual winners in the Of Kings and Queens: Courage and Pride Mr and Miss Coleridge & Parry School Pageant.

King and Queen of the Coleridge & Parry Pagaent Rasheed Pilgrim and Danissa Belgrave-Broomes.

“Lady” Dreshonna Browne and “Sir” Niquon Scott provided stiff competition but had to settle for the position of first runner-up, followed by second runners-up “Lady” Taryn Catlyn and “Sir” Tarique Trotman and third runners-up “Lady” Teana Hurley  and “Sir” Sergio Nucette.

Dreshonna Browne
Niquon Scott

Despite a late start to the proceedings, the two hour long contest was very well choreographed. There were no technical  glitches and those who gathered in the school’s hall were treated to performances in the three segments of the show.

First was the casual segment and it was there that Pilgrim and Belgrave-Broomes made known their intentions of grabbing the top honours by exhibiting excellent modelling ability. In the second segment, the contestants got the opportunity to showcase their singing, acting and other talents. In the final segment, contestants took to the stage in formal wear.

Taryn Catlyn
Tarique Trotman

Speaking to Bajan Vibes after the show, producer Kelvin Harewood said the objective this year was to highlight the Ashton Hall, St Peter school and he was extremely happy with the preparation and eventual performance of the contestants.

“I always told them the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and once they were willing to take that first step, they got anywhere. I’m happy it has come to a conclusion. They were a wonderful group to work with,” Harewood said.

Teana Hurley
Sergio Nucette

After she was crowned, “Queen” Danissa told Bajan Vibes she considered winning the pageant to be a huge personal achievement. “I am very proud knowing two days ago I lost my voice and I had to sing and I was panicking and stressed but I realized I had to put God first,” she said.

“I think everyone on the night were winners,” she added, noting her triumph has given her inspiration to pursue her plans to continue in pageantry. “I am going to be joining Barbados Talent Teens,” she said.

So overwhelmed by the win that he shed tears of joy, “King” Rasheed described his journey through the pageant as difficult but enjoyable. “From the beginning it was hard but I loved it no matter. It was blood, sweat and tears. Tonight was the time that it paid off,” he said.

2 Responses to Meet the monarchs of CP!

  1. divine duchess April 20, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Well done to all the participants…to my son Niquon Scott., i know u r a king regardless, u truly slayed!!! Atleast u got first hand experience and im glad for that!

  2. Kayrene Hope-Blades
    Kayrene Hope-Blades April 20, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Congrats Rasheed you did well


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