Aja’s Bussa apology

The infectious beat of drums echoed through the Rock Hall Freedom Village last Saturday night, as rhythm poet, Adisa Aja Andwele, reflected on the 1816 slave rebellion with a concert entitled Bussa Lives.

It was on Easter weekend, 201 years ago, that the largest slave revolt in the island, led by the chief ranger at Bayley’s Plantation in St Philip, Bussa, ignited a fervour for change among the enslaved population.

Honouring that uprising which changed the course of Barbadian history, Aja also used the concert to apologize for the role his ancestors played in the failure of the rebellion in which Bussa was killed during the fighting.

“I wrote the apology as part of a healing process . . . as a descendant of the residents of Rock Hall who didn’t participate in the 1816 rebellion, who were given money 20 years after for not participating in the rebellion,” explained Aja.

AJA performing during the concert in tribute to Bussa.
Some of the dancers who performed at the show.
These drummers were quite impressive.

The apology took the form of an hour and a half performance, in which Aja asked the audience to embrace their African ancestry and culture and to seek healing from the lingering scars of slavery and colonialism.

“We are honouring the ancestors, not only those who founded the (Rock Hall Freedom) Village but those who died in the 1816 rebellion so we connected with them. (The tribute) is saying that the monument (in the Freedom Village)  is now alive and that Bussa’s spirit is in the monument,” said Aja.

Aiming to bridge the gap between unsolved energies of the spiritual realm and physical world, the artiste proposed a public symposium to resolve lingering issues affecting Barbadian society.

“We need to start talking about the healing and the only way to start talking about the healing process is by talking about the trauma of slavery which is embedded in us. We are the children of those who suffered and that has been transferred throughout our DNA with us,” he said.

Performing eight songs, with the backing of the energetic Israel Lovell Foundation, Dancing Africa and Riddim Tribe dance group, Aja had the audience dancing and chanting “Ashe Bussa Spirit Lives!” on the Freedom Village greens.

5 Responses to Aja’s Bussa apology

  1. allison archer April 20, 2017 at 11:43 am

    listen are you that ignorant to the spirit realm invoking the devil conducting séances, if you are not aware it is called necromancy, the Living God forbid man from communicating with the dead Deuteronomy 18:11, opening these people’s soul to demon possession, the beating of the drums, chanting in a hypnotic state is all demonic.
    these séances let the devil loose in society, doing whatsoever for he is the father of lies, killing, stealing, destroying at his pleasure the young and the old and you are seeking healing under the guise of bonding with African ancestry, those that are there in Africa look at their lives still seeking as you are
    all this stupid black and white junk belief, slavery nonsense don’t you know there is a time for everything under the sun, the LORD ordained it all because we are a disobedient and gainsaying people
    stop bounding yourself to satan, building shackles in the mind and be set free in Jesus the Son of the Living God and He is neither black or white
    stop reading &living this junk and obey John 3:16

  2. jrsmith April 20, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Jesus is not black or white so all the pictures in the churches , as blonde haired blue eyed should be taken down……………
    Black people need to put in place our own Jesus not fake from the white man, (Nelson Mandela ) bring him on with some honour……..

  3. Whitehill April 20, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    I thought silly people like Allison Archer had died out with my parent’s generation. Jesus H. Christ, the man sat on his ass right next to his father and watched as my ancestors were subjected to the worst any humans have experienced since Eve got Adam to foop her for an apple. This Jesus got up there and watched as black women had their babies cut from their bellies, Women had no say if their masters wanted to foop them, then the masters still sold off their children. This fool Allison Archer sees it as slavery nonsense, also, as we were a gainsaying disobedient lot, such were our lot.
    I hope to your Jesus that I don’t ever bump into a fool such as you allison.

  4. jrsmith April 20, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    @, Whitehall , hail , hail, you have cause and uproar at a social club meeting causing the meeting of about 40 people to be abandoned , people fell on the floor in stitches laughing, if you see the bottles which came after this was put on the screen everybody used you as an excuse as having a drink to (WHITEHALL)………
    To you Whitehall he /she that knocks on the door in order , and gain entry , must be some one with wisdom ……hail……
    from the book 2 of (((Solomon ))))

  5. Whitehill April 20, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    @jrsmith, its Whitehill…while its reasonably close to the East coast, I don’t travel there much.
    It wasn’t my intention while writing to make light of a serious matter, be that as it may, I’ve in the past enjoyed a good laugh even when serious matters were being discussed.


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