Top prize for five-year-old kite lover

Five-year-old Christopher Regis won this year’s overall grand prize in the annual kite flying competition organized by the Men’s Fellowship of the Cave Hill Wesleyan Holiness Church.

Christopher Regis was presented with the coveted trophy for Best Overall Kite during the event at the Eden Lodge Playing Field yesterday after beating out 26 other contestants.

Christopher Regis after being presented with trophy for Best Overall Kite by Men’s Fellowship Director Emmanuel Joseph.
Regis’ Best Overall Kite and Most Original Kite.

Regis also won Most Original Kite and placed second for the Largest Kite as well as Most Colourful Kite.

Janice Williams with Director of the Men’s Fellowship Emmanuel Joseph.

Janice Williams copped the prize for Smallest Kite, David Alleyne, the Largest Kite, Nasia Taylor, Most Colourful and Christine Thompson, Best Biblical [Theme] Kite. The event brought out scores of children and adults from the Eden Lodge community along with members of the church for a day of fun, frolic and food.

David Alleyne’s Largest Kite.
Christine Thompson shows off her Best Biblical Kite.

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