Jail for drug offender

A 55-year-old man Tuesday began serving a six-month sentence which includes drug counselling and rehabilitation at HMP Dodds.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant handed down the ruling on Anderson Carlos Leroy Brathwaite, of Glebe Land, St George this afternoon after he pleaded guilty to possession of an apparatus for the use of the illicit drug, cocaine.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock told the court that lawmen were on patrol on April 16 in an area of Bank Hall, St Michael when they spotted Brathwaite.

He allegedly began to fidget with his pants pocket on seeing the police. They stopped and requested a search to which Brathwaite consented but not before removing an object from his pocket and dropping it on the ground. It was a glass bottle with a hole, containing residue suspected to be that of the illegal drug.

Asked to account for it at the time, Brathwaite who is known to the law courts made no reply.

However, in the dock of the No.2 Magistrates’ Court Tuesday, he said: “I been struggling now for a little while . . . . I was at Verdun [House] . . . I made an attempt and I would like to know if you will help me with Verdun?”

Magistrate Cuffy-Sargeant pointed out to Brathwaite that he had already been given such an opportunity and threw it away.

“You had that before . . . but you have to help yourself. It’s OK to ask for the help and get the help but you have to play your part. If you are not willing to help yourself, then it is not going to work,” Cuffy-Sargeant said as she imposed sentence.

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