Bail revoked

Boyce remanded after second charge in two days

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant Wednesday revoked the bail of a 27-year-old man after he appeared in her No.2 District ‘A’ Criminal Court on a second charge in less than 24 hours.

“Yesterday I granted you bail . . . because the court was not interested in remanding you. I told you to come back with your father today. I certainly did not tell you to be brought back into court,” the magistrate told Rico Ricardo Boyce of Tamarind Lane, Black Rock, St Michael.

He admitted to Cuffy-Sagerant that he used unlawful violence towards Rogerson Farley and his conduct was such that it caused another person to fear for their safety.

Prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock revealed that police went to Boyce’s residence pertaining to a charge yesterday in which he is accused of assaulting Leanelle John, occasioning her actual bodily harm. He had denied the allegation and was granted $2,000 bail.

John Tuesday went to the home to retrieve her property, accompanied by police and Farley, but was met with opposition by Boyce.

After gaining access Farley was assisting John with removing a kitchen cupboard when Boyce reportedly shouted, “get out of my father house” and proceeded to cuff the complainant to the side of his face.

The blow caused Farley to “go through a window” that was leaning against the wall. Police subdued Boyce and took him into custody and he was later charged.

Addressing the magistrate in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this afternoon, Boyce explained that he never had any problems with Farley before that time.

“He looking at me like jeering me down in my father house so I told him to go outside. I told him to go outside again and the next time I tell he so, I jus do so and push he and he head hit in de glass,” Boyce told the magistrate.

Asked if police were on the premises at the time, Boyce said: “Yes, they were watching the things get put outside.”

The magistrate withdrew yesterday’s bail offer and remanded him to prison until May 17, when he will be sentenced.   

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