Visitors enjoy Easter in Barbados

Guests at the Crystal Cove Hotel in St James were treated to a burst of local culture as they joined in the finale of the Easter celebrations there.

As scores of visitors took part in a buffet of scrumptious Bajan delicacies, they were treated to a variety of dance performances and songs.

There were also vendors with a display of local craft and jewellery.

General Manager Sophia Babb said the celebration, which started on Thursday under the theme Celebrating Life and Our Cultural Heritage, was a critical aspect of the tourism offering.

“We like to have events for every season because we think it is important for guests to experience what we do on the island as well as at the hotel to make it interesting,” she said.

“We have a high repeat customer [base], so every year they like to come back to the festivities and enjoyment and have interaction with our staff. So we enjoy putting on these celebrations for our guests,” said Babb, who pointed out that for this month the hotel was averaging a 70 per cent occupancy level.The children were not to be left out of the weekend of celebrations. Kids Club Manager Stephanie Mayers said the little ones had the opportunity to learn how Barbadian children celebrated the holiday season.

“They had puppetry. . . we also had kite making. A kite making workshop was put on for them,” she said.

The children were also treated to a petting zoo, an egg hunt and Crystal Cove fugitive hunt. (MM)

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