Easter should spell renewed commitment

The Holy Easter weekend is here again and Barbados badly needs it.

Not just the extra days away from the usual daily grind of work to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, but more so the sense of renewal and inspiration that the season brings.

Easter is the most holy period on the liturgical calendar and the foundation of the Christian faith.

The ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary and His triumphant resurrection from the grave has powerful lessons that have resonated from Biblical times to our time in this modern 21st century.

Easter is about hope. Easter is about peace. Easter is about a new life and a second chance. Easter is about bringing focus and meaning to this life.

And we aver that the real meaning of the season should underpin our activities as we break for the long holidays, commencing tomorrow.

It’s just four months into the New Year and there is no denying that it has been anything but smooth.

The gloomy circumstances on the economic front, the almost daily carnage on the road, the increasing gun violence, the spiralling epidemic of non-communicable diseases are distressing.

Today was particulary troubling. A middle aged woman collapsed and died in the River Van Stand, a 36-year-old man reportedly ended his own life while in the custody of police and 21 people suffered injury in a mass casualty resulting from a three-vehicle smash-up in Dukes, St Thomas.

And then there’s so much turmoil in the wider world- This week alone, continuing horror in Syria still reeling a week after innocent children and adults died in a chemical attack believed to be at the hands of their own leader, a terror attack on Christians in Egypt perpetrated by ISIS, growing tension among Russia, Iran, North Korea and United States.

It is hard not to worry about what the future holds. Yet in the light of Christ’s sacrifice, death and resurrection, we have new reason to hope that we can overcome fear. The Easter Story clearly points to a new way forward.

That is why this four-day respite should not only be a time of merriment but a period of reflection and introspection at all levels.

At the level of the Government, now is a good time for the leaders of the country to contemplate whether they are putting the best interests of the citizens they are elected to serve, first.

Our economy is still in trouble and we’re yet to hear of a clear action plan to return Barbados to growth. Further delay is not the answer, pointing fingers at the failings of former administrations, and blasting the media will not help. Barbadians need a frank, open conversation about the current state of affairs. The expertise of this country’s best minds should also be enlisted to devise a realistic action plan and time table to kick start much needed recovery.

On the industrial front, unions and Government must cool off, end the shouting games and get back to the sound principles of the Social Partnership that have stood this country well for decades. No one can win in the current acrimonious environment.By engaging in real, meaningful dialogue free of fear, superiority, ignorance and pride, we can and will begin to see progress.

At the level of society, Barbadians have to reflect seriously on their use of the roads. Too many people have been killed and even more injured in the recent upsurge in accidents. When did we become so reckless? Drivers and pedestrians alike?

While better roads and tough legislation may help to reduce the problem, it is really in the hands of every driver and pedestrian to adopt better road habits, including no speeding, no texting, no drinking of alcohol or use of mind-altering drugs before taking to the roads.

The society also has to take a stand to speak up and adopt zero tolerance to gun violence, the abuse and neglect of children, domestic violence and the abandonment of the elderly.

Easter is also a special time for families, especially children. Parents spend time with your children doing simple things, how about the good old tradition of flying kites?

Whether you will be spending this weekend in a place of religious worship, at home, or at the beach, may we look to the risen Lord for guidance.

A happy and blessed Easter to all.

9 Responses to Easter should spell renewed commitment

  1. Jennifer April 14, 2017 at 12:35 am

    Easter is nothing but a money making exercise and utter rubbish. Christ was born on the Passover and died on the Passover, being a Passover lamb for HIS people. No where in scripture does it say to celebrate no Easter bunny egg hunting garbage etc. you people need to take some time to research your white man given junk which is going to cause you to reap the fruits of death and not life.

  2. MenaceIIBabylon April 14, 2017 at 6:16 am

    In the age of information technology and where the truth relating to our ancestral lineage remains obvious and not even remotely hidden, the rampant religious plagerism, consumerism targeted at us and the conning of a people, still we remain focused on masses ideals and remain ignorant to the fact that we are living a religious lie.


    The country needs it? We need proactive risk management politics and ears to listen not no fake stuff. We need to stop looking up and look in front,

    • Jennifer April 14, 2017 at 2:22 pm

      @MenaceIIBabylon – Hooray, we got another awakened one. “We need proactive risk management politics” Now that would be a problem as this sort of thing would take people with GUTS. This people have no guts as theirs has been taken out and STUFFED with all sorts of trash i.e certificates, posh jobs, material things, religion, lies, and all other types of garbage. We have become the DUMP TRUCKS of the earth. There to be $hit upon. And who do we blame???? lets start with the politicians, churches, and the edication systems.

  3. RB April 14, 2017 at 7:58 am

    Jennifer … There is no mention of bunny hunting in the above editorial, just spiritual reflection, which is what Easter is about. You really have a serious chip on your shoulder. Get on with life and stop inventing issues to blame others for

    • Jennifer April 14, 2017 at 9:03 am

      @RB – you funny. This article is trying to tie in the calamities of the year with hope via Easter. Mind you following Easter etc is the said reasons for the calamities. Look at these EASTER ads right here on BT today. Wilful blindness is a very serious issue. I guess it is the SPIRIT of the season. Does Easter not involve such bunny things such as eggs – be real now. What I absolutely hate about Christians is that they do not EVER do any RESEARCH into their chain led, vomit fed garbage but will argue. Check out the druids, asteroth, and isis gods involvement into this Easter nonsense. PLEASE!!!!!! – then let us have a sit down to talk. Enjoy hun.

  4. girl April 14, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Where is the word Easter found in the Holy Writ?

    • Jennifer April 14, 2017 at 2:37 pm

      @girl – becareful someone could try to tie you into knots.
      The word Easter is found in the book of acts 12:4. BUT Read carefully in Acts 12: verse 3, about the FEAST of UNLEAVENED bread, which was god given. The land of Israel at this time was infiltrated by the Romans (white people) e.g herod, pilate, Festus, Agrippa Bernice- see Ch 25) who was celebrating THEIR holiday called Easter. So to make it clear they were 2 feast being celebrated in the land.
      So here we are today still celebrating the white plantation owner given holiday of EASTER, eating rabbit eggs and running around doing Easter egg hunts and making cakes to the queen of heaven Asteroth.

  5. Quietly Observing April 18, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Ms Jennifer you really think you are an expert on every topic. Hmmmm…………you really worry me think you have all the answers and is self sufficient you and the world exist on your own you don’t need Christ. Smh

    • Jennifer April 18, 2017 at 2:11 pm

      Quietly observing – Believe you me. I know the bible very well too. I know that the so called Christ aka yahowashi aka yeshua (deliverer) was a black man from the tribe of Judah. Who will redeem the TRUE nation of ISRAEL from the bondage of the devil in which they are CURRENTLY SERVING under. Now – Make a guess – how someone like me become so alert????
      Great Observation sir/madam.


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