Dees makeover

Newcomers to replace three DLP losing candidates

The ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is having a makeover of sorts as it prepares for general elections due next year, replacing three losing candidates from the 2013 general election with newcomers.

In a statement Thursday evening from General Secretary George Pilgrim, the DLP confirmed that it would field fresh faces in The City, St Michael East and St Michael South East, while suggesting that more changes could be under way.

“The Executive and the General Council of the Democratic Labour Party at their monthly meeting in the month of April met and agreed to name a number of candidates. The party is pleased to announce in phase one of our selection process, we have added three new faces to the party’s line up of candidates for the next general elections,” the statement said.

Rodney Grant

According to Pilgrim, the party had been involved in “robust analysis” over the past three years and held over 80 meetings, which resulted in Thursday’s decision to replace Patrick Todd with former Deputy Chairman of the Rural Development Commission Henderson Williams in the City; Kenneth Best with credit underwriter Nicholas Alleyne in St Michael East; and Patrick Tannis with community activist and Chief Executive Officer of Pinelands Creative Workshop Rodney Grant in the St Michael South East constituency.

Among the three, it is Grant’s selection that is expected to generate most of the chatter, as he is replacing a man who narrowly lost to the BLP’s  Santia Bradshaw by ten votes in the 2013 election, and who had remained the DLP’s caretaker in the constituency.

Nicholas Alleyne

Barbados TODAY had reported in February last year that Grant would seek the nomination, much to the surprise of officials of both major parties.

Having previously been actively involved with the DLP, he had switched allegiance to the BLP and had chaired one of the Opposition party’s town hall meetings just two weeks earlier.

Tannis had refused to comment at the time, but a member of the executive committee of the branch had told Barbados TODAY he was confident Grant would be outvoted when the branch chose the candidate.

However, the DLP hierarchy Friday bypassed that process by selecting the community activist.

Just as he did last year, Tannis would not comment Thursday, while neither Best nor Todd, Alleyne or Williams could be reached.

Henderson Williams

But an accessible Grant told Barbados TODAY he was ready to represent the constituency.

“I am happy that I have gotten the opportunity to represent the people of St Michael South East at this level. It is something that I have done for most of my life. I spent my life representing the people of Pinelands all of my life. I have been given the opportunity to extend my representation beyond Pinelands,” the candidate said, adding he would be out canvassing and listening to people’s concerns and problems.

“I will not take anything for granted because politics is a strange game. Unofficially, I have been around for a long time. The issues are present issues, therefore, I think that it is important to put forward a clear vision for the constituency.”

In the 2013 general election the BLP’s Colonel Jeffrey Bostic polled 2,012 votes to Todd’s 1,888 in The City; Trevor Prescod of the BLP unseated Best, polling 2,452 votes to Best’s 2,333, while Santia Bradahaw recaptured the St Michael South East seat for the BLP, after it was vacated by Hamilton Lashley, who had won it for the party in 2008, before crossing the floor to join the governing DLP.

8 Responses to Dees makeover

  1. Jennifer April 14, 2017 at 1:25 am

    Make over from what to what, stop it. By this time all of them is infected with the right wing virus for their puppeteers. What needs to be done is to get the rid of both lumps which is currently like Lazarus bound at the hands, feet and mouth. Just as Lazarus was risen from the dead by divine intervention, it will take a miracle to rise these people from their dead sleep state. Mind u they on this island with the strawberries and cream personally feeding their masters and they licking the fingers to match. These new suits are the recruits of the keep down brigade for their people. Don’t look for anything new just the same infected germ being postulated in that big house.

  2. Tony Webster April 14, 2017 at 6:32 am

    By George…Dem Sweatin’…but I agree with @Jennifer: it will take a miracle of some great proportions, to soothe…to erase the stripes , and to banish the memories of failed policies, failed promises, and half-truths we have endured these eight years in the Wilderness.

    This time around, make no mistake: it is nothing less than the very survival and relevance of this country which is at stake.

    • Jennifer April 14, 2017 at 7:51 am

      “HEAD” – A head says a lot, it shows how sick or well a person or country is. A head is in control of its surroundings and economic wealth. A head will not be a tail. A head should be in control of all internal affairs of a country. A head makes all important decisions and pass down to subordinates. A head has a mouth to speak out and to sound alarms of impending destruction. A head has the ability to forSEE potential challenges and deal with them quickly. A head has good auditory skills to listen to intelligence. A head has a neck which should be free to separate from the rest of the body. The neck of the head should not wear any leashes of control at all times. NOW IF A HEAD DOES NONE OF THE ABOVE WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT BODY?????????

  3. harry turnover April 14, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Pilgrim why wunna replacing 3 now when next year this same time ya gine be thinking about replacing ALL 30 ? because it gine be anudda 20 years before wunna get de reins again ? why not wait till next year this same time when ALL ah DEM would have gone through de eddoes ?
    Notice the FACTS team from DEM was all bout de place except up by me…BUT….I gine still vote fa he as man, as I will NOT be voting for the man the Bees send up here…de man looks like a SHEEP in WOLVES clothing…if ya get what I mean.

    • Jennifer April 14, 2017 at 8:15 am

      Or are they SHEEP in GOAT clothing????

  4. Peter April 14, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Jennifer, I no longer read your comments but I was alerted to it by an e/mail from a contact back in BGI. Your parables and Tony Web’s poetry are bang on. Your description of DEM anatomy wos like a diamond. Let me attempt to polish it. You see that head, which really the ass, does not usually speak. when that head mouth closes, the ass mouth opens and we hear the sound ofhot air better known as fart. Come election time, all o’DEM asses will erupt and out will spew more sheet. Tony Web, this poem fuh you… ” DEM say is time to meet, three new boys who will wet DEM feet. Jenny think all o’DEM is de same, walk bout, tell bare lies, hold DEM heads up high, DEM ain’t got nuh shame.” ” wuh loss, wunna sound so sweet and all yuh talk is bare sheet.” DEM gine and sound real sweet, while DEM boy Stephen promising blood in de street.” Carson knows only too well dat wuh he write, evuhbady can smell.”

  5. Kevin April 14, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Well the 3 rejectees seems to be taking this quite well. Wonder if they will seek to undermine the DLP like the recjectees of the BLP are currently doing.

  6. hcalndre April 16, 2017 at 1:47 am

    @Jennifer; Some or most of the supporters say that they love the Headman`s style of not talking and when the Headman speaks, he do make a lot of sense, this Headman also leads from behind. When this Headman is gone, nothing to write that he have said because he had said nothing. I can remember a few that stand out, he told his speaker who is a lawyer, to get a lawyer to represent him in the case where he had been involved in a money dispute and only a fool would represent himself, another when he told the laid off workers that they don`t know the meaning of temporary, he also told the nation that Parris is he friend and that he does not have lepper and why people lose their money in Clico is because they were greedy.What about new wine in old skins referring to the new head of the Union, because he did not follow the old mixers.


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