Festival Choir stages Lenten Cantata

Commemorating Holy Week, the Barbados Festival Choir celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus with a musical production of The Atonement.

The annual Lenten Cantata which has been performed by the choir for the past six years, was staged for the first time at the Donald Henry Auditorium, Bethel Methodist Church Complex, last Saturday night.

Directed by acclaimed local director

The Barbados Festival Choir delivered a magnificent musical performance of The Atonement.

Icil Phillips, the musical brought to life the Last Supper and the Resurrection of Jesus in ten segments.

The choir of 34, made up of Anglicans, Methodists, Moravians and Seventh-day Adventists, delivered a splendid, hair-raising performance of The Atonement that might have rivalled their annual production Bimshire.

Gilbert White performing in As Moses Lifted Up The Serpent.

The grand voices of the choir, especially Gilbert White’s, echoed through the Bay Street, St Michael church. White, who played Jesus, commanded the crowd’s attention during his delivery of the Last Supper and the Great Commission.

The production got a standing ovation from the audience which included Governor General Sir Eliot Belgrave and Lady Loretta Belgrave.

Governor General Sir Eliott Belgrave was all smiles during the performance which told the story of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Narrator of the production and marketing manager of the choir, Margot Crichlow, said she was extremely pleased with the performances after several weeks of preparation.

“A lot of people got the message and a lot of people were happy that it was presented at this time. It brought home the message of the Crucifixion at this Lent period. We’re happy with the attendance,” said Crichlow.

Members of the Barbados Festival Choir depicting a scene from Jesus’ resurrection.

Being the only choir which preforms The Atonement annually, Crichlow shared that the major difficulty for the ageing choir was memorizing the musical pieces.

“We knew the music side of it and that was the hardest thing; the choir had started working early on that, the major concern was about getting on stage and performing without our scripts – we did that in about roughly seven rehearsals on stage,” Crichlow revealed.

The audience enjoyed the production.

Following the rousing applause which the choir received for their performance of the musical, Crichlow indicated that another production might just be in the works for 2018.

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