AJA’s apology to Bussa

Barbadian rhythm poet and cultural activist, Adisa AJA Andwele, has released a music video to accompany his latest work which pays homage to National Hero and freedom fighter, The Right Excellent General Bussa.

De Apology – Bussa I’m Sorry is a cinematic-styled music video which was shot at various locations across the island to portray a pivotal point in Barbadian history that is not widely known.

AJA in discussion with Director of the Commission for Pan-African Affairs Dr Deryck Murray at the site of his upcoming concert.

AJA’s work examines the role which slaves at Mt Wilton Plantation in St Thomas played during the Bussa-led 1816 Rebellion which started at Bayley’s Plantation in St Philip and their compensation which led to the establishment of the First Free Village at Rock Hall, St Thomas.

The work also highlights the deceptive role that the Black Army played in defeating General Bussa and his troops in the rebellion which was the first major attempt by enslaved Africans in Barbados to secure their freedom, inspired no doubt by the earlier success of counterparts in Haiti.

Adisa Andwele

AJA is a descendant of Robert Downes and his wife, Hagan Jane, who are both founding members of the first free village. In this regard, he is making the apology on their behalf to General Bussa and all those who died in the battle to free Barbados from slavery.

The music video produced by AJA Productions & Bajans in Motion Inc., was filmed at locations which were part of this history. They include Bayley’s Plantation where Bussa lived and where the final battle was fought during the 1816 Rebellion; nearby Golden Grove Plantation where Bussa was killed; and at the Freedom Monument at Rock Hall, St Thomas.

2 Responses to AJA’s apology to Bussa

  1. jrsmith April 13, 2017 at 6:08 am

    I do hope you would add to our history, for our young people to digest , giving the period (1651 – 1652 ) as to what was a very important time for barbados which took us to where we are…..

  2. fedup April 13, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    jrsmith..dont hold your breath. it always has to be the negatives.


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