Jail for two drug addicts

Two drug addicts, with no fixed place of abode, will call Her Majesty’s Prison at Dodds home for the next few months after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine paraphernalia.

Jason Omar Evelyn admitted before Magistrate Douglas Frederick that he had  apparatus in his possession yesterday intended for the use of cocaine.

According to the prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid, lawmen were on patrol along Walrond Street, the City when they spotted Evelyn coming from behind a business in the area with a haversack in his possession.

He was stopped and it was at that point that police observed a clear plastic bag with vegetable matter, suspected to be cannabis, hanging from his pants pocket. As a result, the officers requested a search and a small bottle with a hole was found with residue on the inside.

Jason Omar Evelyn

Evelyn who is known to the law courts, admitted knowledge and ownership when asked to account.

“To be honest, I know what I had in my possession was illegal,” Evelyn said Monday morning as he addressed Magistrate Frederick.“I am asking you for a little leniency and a little community service.”

However, the magistrate pointed out that he was given a break on the last occasion but “you come back on the same foolishness”.

“Please Sir, I don’t want to go back up there,” Evelyn pleaded when told that he would be serving time for this offence.

“Sir, I don’t steal anymore since I come back out. I have been working. I begging hard, Sir, I don’t really like imprisonment,” he continued.

Magistrate Frederick then sentenced Evelyn to nine months in jail even as he urged the convicted man to use to opportunity to clean up his act.

In the other case, Sidwin Antonio Inniss was sentenced to six months in prison for possession of apparatus for the use of cocaine. He was arrested and charged yesterday after police were summoned to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital following a report that a man was being a public nuisance.

Sidwin Antonio Inniss

When lawmen arrived, Inniss was found “misbehaving” on the premises of the island’s primary healthcare institution. Police requested a search, to which he consented, and the cocaine paraphernalia was found.

“I going to do something different this time, Sir, Verdun House or something,” the 47-year-old man told the magistrate.

Inniss then explained that he had been using the drug since “I get put out the house, Sir, by my mother and father” and had been unable to kick the habit .

“Clean up your act, man,” Frederick told Inniss who has prior convictions as he imposed the sentence.

3 Responses to Jail for two drug addicts

  1. Angus Benn
    Angus Benn April 11, 2017 at 4:38 am

    Jail is not the right place for these two drugs addict. Reason is that prison cannot do anything for them. When release from prison they will be so thirsty for drugs that they will run straight back into the dope hole for more drugs. They get caught again, what you will do put them back in jail again. These men need help. I will put them in Verden House for a long time, until I know that ,they are fit for society. If they get caught a second time around , the next time will be even longer.

  2. Sam Clarke April 11, 2017 at 6:38 am

    I concur with Angus Benn. They need a place of treatment. Jail does not have the resources needed for this disease.

  3. HardBall April 11, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Why not create a treatment program in the jail?
    Their freedom needed to be taken away, let know they actions have consequences.


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