CALIFORNIA – Three dead in school shooting

San Bernardino newlywed shoots ‘wonderful’ wife, eight-year-old

CALIFORNIA – A newlywed who fatally shot his wife and a child before turning the gun on himself at a US school had projected a blissful marriage on social media.

Cedric Anderson entered a primary school on Monday in San Bernardino, California, and gunned down estranged spouse Karen Elaine Smith, 53.

On Facebook, he referred to Ms Smith as “my wonderful little wife”, “sexy” and a “pure spirit”.

But some online posts by Anderson, also 53, hinted at a darker side.

Cedric Anderson (right) killed his estranged wife Karen Elaine Smith (left) and an eight-year-old boy.

The couple, who had reportedly been in a relationship for years, wed in January, but were separated within a few weeks.

Anderson initially seemed to be a smitten husband, rhapsodising about his bride and proclaiming himself “blessed”.

“She has no guile or pretense,” he wrote in one post of Ms Smith. “She has no ill will toward anyone. (It amazes me!).

“I praise God for such a wonderful Lady!”

But in February Anderson showed a violent streak as he boasted on Facebook of having “almost personally attacked three Coaches to get my son Jared a scholarship”.

“A father is like a lion. He will kill you for his Blood!” he wrote.

On 12 March, he shared a New York Post video of a man kicking an elderly woman in the face on a bus, entitled: “Can you hear me now?”

Anderson wrote along with the video: “Deranged? Yea!”

Ms Smith’s mother, Irma Sykes, told ABC News: “We thought he was a fine person. Until they were married and then he showed the other side of him.

“Which we had never seen before. We were shocked. He began to pick on my daughter and talk down to her.

“And they had dated for four years. And after about three weeks, my husband and I decided, you need to get away from him.

“He is not the kind of person you thought he was.”

In 2013 Anderson was charged with assault and battery, brandishing a weapon and disturbing the peace, but the charges were dismissed a year later.

In 1993, he was charged with two misdemeanour counts of battery in Kern Superior Court, the Los Angeles Times reported.

However, court records show both charges were dismissed six months later.

Somehow, the man who posted a selfie on Facebook a month ago celebrating “date night!!!” with his new wife was able to walk into the classroom on Monday morning where she was teaching and gun her down in cold blood with a .357 Magnum revolver.

Two children in the North Park Elementary School special needs class of 15 students were injured in the crossfire, authorities said.

Jonathan Martinez, eight, died and a nine-year-old was in hospital in a stable condition. 

Source: (BBC)

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  1. Jennifer April 11, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    This man was clearly a psychopath, a sociopath, and a pretender. Talk about sleeping with the enemy.

  2. Nageeta April 12, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    There are many my ex was the sweetest man until we got married. Taught I was in prison had to run for my life. Thanks to relatives and friends I have my life. My her soul rest in peace and the kid’s too!


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