Foolish fight!

Duo ordered to keep the peace after Jackson ruckus

A man and a woman who faced a Bridgetown Court on a charge of causing a disturbance at One Accord Plaza car park yesterday have been ordered to keep the peace and be on good behaviour for the next three months.

If Zandy Nowen Jones of Lower Estate, St Michael and Roseann Joyann Hunte of #6 Jackson Terrace, Lower Estate, St Michael breach the order they would have to pay the No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court $750 forthwith or sentenced to one month in prison.

Joyann Hunte & Zandy Nowen Jones

Furthermore, Jones who was separately charged with assaulting Hunte, will have to pay $100 within a week in compensation for Hunte’s injuries, or spend seven days at HMP Dodds.

According to prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid, police responded to a report of two people fighting at the car park in Jackson, St Michael.

Jones, who was a passenger in a truck, hit Hunte’s car with the door of the truck.

This led to a verbal exchange, which turned physical. The two, who are known to the law courts, were arrested and charged, and pleaded guilty before Magistrate Douglas Frederick this morning.

In addressing the court Jones wasted little time in apologizing for assaulting Hunte saying: “I should know better.”

However, he said Hunte had “provoked” him because of “her attitude and aggression”.

“The manner in which she approached me, her hand all up in my face. She provoked me, Your Honour. I choked her, your honour, I did not hit her, I just hold her, I refused to hit her
. . . . But I is a big man I should know better.

“I am really truly sorry for putting my hands on her. I have sisters, a mother and two daughters, I don’t disrespect women,” Jones told the magistrate.

However, Hunte denied provoking Jones.

“I did not provoke this man, this man provoked me first,” she insisted.

“He start to choke me; all the marks on my neck. Sir, I couldn’t do anything if a man has my neck lock off,” she said, adding that Jones also “went for a piece of pipe”.

“You are a liar,” Jones replied to that accusation.

Frederick, in handing down his sentence, pointed out that the two had caused an unnecessary scene in Warrens over a “foolish matter”.

2 Responses to Foolish fight!

  1. Frank White April 8, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    If yah get into ah foolish fight, yah should get foolish time.

  2. Outside April 8, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Here we go again, go home and behave your self that is why criminals in Barbados laugh at the weak court system


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