Soca galore at Gimme Soca

Dacquiri Beach was transformed into a soca arena last Friday night and and it was vibes on top of vibes on top of vibes until the early hours of Saturday morning at Gimme Soca, which was formerly known as Socatology.

A section of the crowd.

Though the venue change, from Kensington Oval, may not have been the best of decisions, given the space and the growing popularity of the show, everyone who came out had a ball and partied like kings and queens.

However, at one point during the night, many were wondering if they were being punked and weren’t going to get the promised show. The show was advertised to begin at 9 p.m.; however, midnight passed and it still had not yet started, except for the DJ music to keep the hundreds of soca lovers occupied.

Voice was the one the hundreds came to see.

The waiting, though, was not in vain as the show, which eventually commenced just after 1 a.m., made up for the inconvenience. Scrilla was the first to grace the stage at 1:06 a.m. and the crowd was instantly whipped into a frenzy.

He began his set with Drop De Bumpa and continued with Flexibility. The crowd loved these old bashment tunes. Also during his set, Scrilla brought out fellow bashment soca artist Coopa Dan who sang his song Champion Gyal. The two then teamed up for Scrilla’s ever-popular Gyal Drop

Next on stage was fellow bashment soca artiste Marzville, who performed with his now infamous backpack on and thrilled the crowd with his hit Bam Bim and his 2017 song Tic Toc then brought on Stabby and they sang Peep Back.

The bashment soca king Stiffy was up next and, as is customary, he had the ladies eating out of the palm of his hands, or rather, squatting and going down and attempting to go on their eyelids. With the introduction of his winning bashment soca song Tek Off Something, patrons started to literally throw pieces of jewelry and clothes on the stage, doing just as the artiste said. Stiffy brought on Jagwa as well and they sang Bus Crawl.

Stiffy and Jagwa were a hit.

This duo brought to an end the bashment soca segment of the show. . Hypasounds was up next and he instructed the crowd to and Get Up And Move, though he didn’t have to, because they were already moving. Included in his set were also Sugar Rush and How She Like It.

The first foreign act was up next in Dawg E Slaughter. Many in the audience were unaware of who he was, but when the rhythm for his song Jook and Jook started, they instantly knew who he was and got busy ‘wukking up’ to the song.

Problem Child was up next and he too was well received. He was followed by Lyrical who sang hits like Dip and Roll and Cloud 9. Then it was time for the man everyone came to see – the two-time International Soca Monarch King Voice. The crowd sang along with him word for word as he sang Cheers to Life, Far From Finished and Get Away.

Problem Child

MX Prime was next and he had the entire Dacquiri beach Jammin Still after hours of partying. Skinny Fabulous closed out the show in fine fashion with many hits including Behaving the Worst, Duracell, Thank God It’s Friday and many more.

MX Prime
Skinny Fabulous closed the show in fine style.

The show ended how every show should, in one love and unity. All the performers came back on stage and had one last jam.

Host JW kept the crowd going in between artistes and even instructed them in his popular song Palance.

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