Hotheads to ‘face off’ in court

Magistrate Douglas Frederick Wednesday ruled that two men with explosive tempers would need to “face off” in the No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court and not anywhere else.

This, after Tony Glenroy Alleyne, 32, of Perfection Road, Bush Hall, St Michael pleaded guilty to using the threatening words “come out and I gine stab you up till you bleed out” towards Elwyn Oxley on April 2, with intent to cause Oxley to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be used against him.

Police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid told the magistrate that Alleyne is a PSV operator while Oxley is the driver of a Transport Board bus.

The two were on the Sam Lord’s Castle route when Oxley observed Alleyne pushing his head through the window of the bus, using expletives.

Later, Oxley ventured into Bridgetown and went into a fast food restaurant where he again encountered Alleyne. The two exchanged words, which led to Alleyne issuing the threat before leaving the establishment and taking a knife from his pocket.

The prosecutor went on to say that Oxley, fearing for his life, remained on the inside while a security guard blocked the door.

After hearing the circumstances surrounding the offence, Magistrate Frederick  took a look at Alleyne’s conviction card and pointed out that he was known for inflicting serious bodily harm and obstruction.

Alleyne responded: “That was when I was young and giddy-headed.”

He then went on to explain what allegedly occurred on the day. Alleyne said he was working on a van on Sunday and the driver of the bus was “doing a lot of foolishness”.

“You mean the Transport Board driver was doing foolishness and you are the PSV driver?” the magistrate interjected.

“Yes, Sir,” Alleyne replied and explained further that he was attempting to pass the bus but the driver was blocking the road.

“So I got out to take a picture to report it to the Transport Board, cause you know you can do that now. So he saw me doing that and I went long about my business,” Alleyne explained.

He said when he went into the fast food establishment later, Oxley came in and saw him and asked him whether he was the one who took his picture. Alleyne said he replied “Yes, and I going to the Transport Board for you”.

They then had a verbal altercation and said he warned Oxley that he had “one hand, the other have steel in it and two little babies, and if he put his hands pun me I going to stab him up”.

He said when Oxley went outside, he pushed his hand in his pocket and he went outside as well and “pulled piece of pipe out of somebody jeep”.

“He was threatening me and I was threatening him,” Alleyne told the court.

The magistrate then told Alleyne that he had met his match because Oxley was also known to the court.

“This man is not a man that takes things sitting down . . . and this may not end here because this is a serious matter. I have been sitting here long enough to know we need to put an end to this,” the magistrate stated and told the prosecutor to bring both men back before the court on April 12.

“[We will] try and bring some peace to this. We will face off in here as opposed to anywhere else,” Frederick said.

2 Responses to Hotheads to ‘face off’ in court

  1. Jai Khan
    Jai Khan April 5, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    See when you don’t control your red rag how it can land you in trouble. We must think before we speak, because trouble don’t set up like rain

  2. jrsmith April 6, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    These people should be suspended from they jobs dealing with the public , for a certain period bound over to keep the peace, if they then commit any criminal act in that time period, they should be sack from the jobs……
    Some one will get hurt by this lot one day, courts should stop giving these people freedom, because all they do is commit more crime……………………


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