Bizzy gives benches to Lodge School

Old scholars of the Lodge School are being urged to give back to that learning institution, which chairman of the board of management Patterson Cheltenham said is in need of much assistance.

He made the point as businessman and past student Ralph Bizzy Williams, through his company Coles Engineering, today donated two benches to the St John learning institution.

Chairman of the board of management of the Lodge School Patterson Cheltenham (left)
and businessman Ralph Bizzy Williams (right) sit with students on one of donated benches.

It was the school’s parent teachers’ association that made it known that the institution, with a student population of 1,150, was in need of benches.

Williams, who left the school some 58 years ago, said giving back was good, and he pledged that further contributions would be forthcoming “from time to time”.

In addition to the benches, last year Williams launched the Sam Headley Trust, in honour of fellow past student Major Sam Headley, to assist needy students and those who show academic promise.

Williams said he was happy with the Trust, which is administered by the school to finance books and other necessities for those who have the need.

Expressing gratitude for the benches, Cheltenham said he was eager for other old scholars to emulate the gesture, pointing out that there were “enormous constraints” on Government’s budget, making it difficult for the authorities to play the role they did many years ago.

“This is an outstanding initiative from the Williams Group,” Cheltenham said.

“I hope that others who are in a position so to do will offer their services, whether monetary or otherwise to the school. All schools are in need of that assistance, and particularly from those who have passed through the corridors, we expect them to be able to assist effectively because Government is no longer in a position to assist in the manner in which it did in previous years,” the school administrator said.

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  1. F.A.Rudder April 5, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    We the friends of the student body and past scholars of The Lodge School give a great thank you to You Mr.Williams for your generousity and good will!


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