Calderon asks for a second chance

Gerad Nicholas Calderon Thursday pleaded with a High Court judge to give him another chance to turn his life around.

But the 34-year-old resident of The Ivy, St Michael, who has been housed at HMP Dodds since 2013, will have to wait a little longer to see if his request is granted.

He made the plea before Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius in the No. 5 Supreme Court this afternoon.

Calderon had previously pleaded guilty to possession of a .22 calibre pistol and 11.5 grammes of marijuana.

“I want to apologize for my mistake in 2013. I am no longer the person I was in 2013  . . . and I will like a chance,” Calderon, who is self-represented, said.

A pre-sentencing report read earlier by a probation officer showed that Calderon, who was born in Barbados and raised in St Lucia, had expressed remorse for his “erroneous judgment” and was at medium risk of reoffending.

Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts who is prosecuting the case stopped short of recommending a sentence for Calderon.

He said that while Calderon had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, “he is not blemish free”, as he had previous convictions.

“To his credit . . . there was no use of the firearm. The firearm was found as a result of a search warrant executed at his house,” Watts said, adding that Calderon was also not in possession of any ammunition.

However, the prosecutor said he found it difficult to say what price Calderon should pay for his crime, as he did not know whether the man had availed himself of any of the programmes offered at Dodds.

“Otherwise, he will be back [doing] the same thing. [We] need to see that he did something in prison. Just being in prison does not make you a productive citizen.

Was he a model prisoner?” Watts questioned.

Following those submissions, Justice Cornelius adjourned the matter until Monday when a prison officer will seek to provide answers to Watts’ questions.

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