Lodge Students Showcase Talent

Shomari Moseley and Kaila Bovell Lewis are the new King and Queen of the Lodge School.

Winners Kaila Bovell Lewis and Shomari Moseley.

The pair captured the lion’s share of prizes in a well deserved win when students of the St John secondary school staged a model search last Saturday night .

Moseley won in all five segments of the show including  Vintage, Retro Futuristic Career and Marvel.

Things, however, were a little more evenly split in the girls as Kaila who was also the crowd favorite, copped the top spot along with Best Retro and Futuristic Career.

Also impressive was 1st runner up, Keshawna Straker , who seemed to be Kaila’s only competition for the entire night.

Keshawna Straker

The 2017 graduating class worked extremely hard to put on a good production, bringing back the model search after a three-year break and doing so with a bang.

It was different from the typical model search and mimicked an international outdoor fashion runway stage.

Veteran comedian and former Lodge teacher Mac Fingall was the Master of Ceremonies for the night.

He did a good job maintaining  the crowd’s attention throughout the night despite a slight hiccup towards the end during the prize giving segment.

The show provided exposure to the wealth of talent at the Lodge School.

A five-member panel of judges headed by fashion designer Rodney Powers,  had a relatively easy time  choosing the winners.

Powers told Bajan Vibes “the execution of the presentation was very impressive”. He complimented the organizers, lauding especially  the outdoor set up.

Principal Winston Dowridge said the show was organized primarily to raise “much needed funds” for this year’s graduation ceremony.

Ashley Lashley, a student of the school and an aspiring producer, organized the show along with seasoned producer, Karlos Yearwood.

Show producer Ashley Lashley with MC Mac Fingall.

“The main objective of the model search was to help bring back up the school spirit of the Lodge School to where it was before,” Lashley told Bajan Vibes.

She is optimistic that, going forward, the event will be a  fixture on the school’s calendar of events.

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