Visitors get chance to see windmill again

For the first time in five years, the public got a chance to explore the wonders of the 290-year-old Morgan Lewis Windmill, the last operating windmill in the island.

Visitors waiting to be taken on a tour of the inside of the 290-year-old windmill.
The breath-taking view of the Morgan Lewis Windmill.

The picturesque heritage site opened its doors to visitors over the weekend, after a prolonged closure, as part of the Barbados Tourism Product Authority’s Sugar and Rum Season.

Divided into small groups, visitors toured the inside of the St Andrew windmill that was responsible for maintaining Barbados’ signature sugar industry. They were educated on the operations of the mill by Chris Choat and Robert Hutson of the Barbados National Trust. They also examined various artefacts that detailed the history of sugar production in Barbados. Historian Dr Karl Watson delivered a lecture on the history of the 1727-built structure and its importance to the history and development of sugar here.

Historian Dr Karl Watson educating visitors on one of Barbados’ wonders, the Morgan Lewis Windmill.

1st Vice President of the Barbados National Trust John Webster told Barbados TODAY the mill, which was closed in 2012, underwent significant repairs that included fixing major components, bird-proofing the internal areas of the structure, and construction of a modern toilet block. However, following the weekend tour, it will be closed until further notice.

“The mill will remain closed for a while until the Barbados National Trust decides how it will manage the day-to-day operations of the site,” disclosed Webster.

He also indicated that there was still more work to be done on the old structure before it could be completely functioning again.

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