Denny banking on public sector pay hike

Pan Africanist David Denny has come out strongly in support of the 23 per cent pay demand being made by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW).

Speaking in the wake of concerns raised by key Government officials, including outspoken Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss, who had earlier suggested that the union’s demand was downright unreasonable, Denny, who is currently vying for the post of 3rd Vice President in the NUPW, sought to make it clear that the position was not that of the union’s executive alone, but its general membership.

“This is not a decision made by any one person within the union, this is a decision made by the general membership of the NUPW. The general membership took a position where they supported the proposal for a 23 per cent increase. The workers also took a position of giving their support to the union if any form of industrial action is taken on the issue,” Denny told Barbados TODAY this afternoon.

However, the Government employee, who is currently attached to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth as a youth projects coordinator, said he was open to a possible compromise on the union’s across-the board pay hike.

In fact, Denny suggested that with the economy as it is, workers at the bottom of the ladder should be afforded the highest wage increase at this stage.

“We can honestly see that the workers at the bottom, as well as the workers in the middle grades, are actually suffering. These two groups deserve that salary increase. Maybe what the union can look at is a proposal of 23 per cent increase for the workers who are at the bottom of the salary scale. Another proposal could be to defend the rights of the middle grades with a salary increase of 15 per cent,” Denny explained, adding that a ten per cent salary increase could be offered to those at the top of Government’s pay scale.

He also highlighted the issue of appointments in the public service, while recalling that in 2015 he had tabled a resolution, which was subsequently passed by the union, for the appointment of all public officers working within the civil service for more than three years.

“This year I again presented the resolution asking that the [just-ended NUPW] conference sets up a committee to follow this process and to make demands for the appointment of public officers after three years of service.

“At the same time, the union, as a general body, has already [agreed] to support the position in either taking industrial action or legal action,” he revealed.

Denny further pointed out that there were many workers in the public service with more than ten years experience who were yet to be appointed.

“My campaign [for a place on the NUPW’s executive] is also demanding that the union takes a stand and forces the Government of Barbados to appoint all those workers who have been in the service for more than eight years and who may not have the qualifications, but have the experience and have been functioning without any problems, without any bad reports and who have been producing,” he said.

“I think that that is like attending the university and gaining a degree, because that person has more than eight years experience in terms of working at that specific job. That person is then capable of the delivery of service in the public service,” he added.

Ahead of the April 5 internal ballot, in which NUPW President Akanni McDowall faces a challenge from the Deputy General-Treasurer Roy Greenidge for the leadership of the country’s largest public sector union, Denny, who is running as an independent, said he has been meeting with several workers and he was pleased with their response to his campaign. 

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  1. jrsmith March 29, 2017 at 5:19 am

    This is where we tend to follow people who suppose to be management and is just delivering irresponsible behaviour on just ego trips …our country is broke.
    You trade unions has done nothing for your members and to support the people of barbados. You have played right in the politicians hands if you were all together , the useless government would and should have been made to be answerable to the voters in barbados over the years, but you might be managers , but you all are still not in charge……..

    If we all behave as like our untrustworthy and crooked politicians , we are all doomed , we will suffer because we the people must
    blame ourselves , because votes are only cast for the party whether good or bad…whats needed some serious negotiations , something is better than nothing , but if you all suppose to be so educated , stop being stupid about 23% wages increase who or what is going to pay for this , be more sensible wise up, you all have lost the plot…….
    Shake it up and come with a sensible demand…….

  2. David Denny March 29, 2017 at 7:46 am

    I am in full support of the NUPW call for a 23% wages increase for all workers at the bottom. I am also prepared to accept a 15% for workers in the middle and 10% for the workers at the top.

    Appointment for all workers.

    I am inviting all Public Officer to support my election for 3rd Vice President of the NUPW on the 5th April 2017 and my ideas.

  3. Mikey March 29, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    @David Denny, yes, have a Plan B, maybe a Plan C, but Government cannot come to the bargaining table offering Zero percent. Also Government workers held strain for more than 8 years, they are deserving of an increase. Do not be fooled into this idea of yearly “increments”, which are a done deal in past negotiations. Even on the basis of Inflation and “cost of living”, workers (not the high-flyers like Permanent and parliamentary secretaries and Ministers etc.) deserve an increase in order to live at the basic level. Good luck Brother Denny.

  4. David Denny March 30, 2017 at 5:10 am

    Mikey thanks for your support. Please note that I will fight hard to defend the Public Officers.

  5. Greengiant March 30, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    Yes David public offices at the bottom should get an increase of 23 percent? Have you done the mathematical? What would your proposal cost the same tax payers? officers in mid management and those in senior positions should get no increase. They don’t supervise, don’t motivate, don’t plan and are totally responsible for the unproductive public sector we have.

    I have just returned to the public sector after several years in the private sector, and I honestly did so just to see first hand what’s going on. I’m already getting negative feedback from the slackers who complain that I’m trying to do too much. They don’t read emails after 14:00, they take three to four days to share information. I know because I’ve started cross checking with private service providers to be sent emails that had been sent to people on whom I’m awaiting information to get my work done. They stagnate purchase orders etc.

    I know what your real problem is though David, the gravy train hasn’t passed your way for quite a few years I guess. So you and your like is suffering dehydration. Well perhaps instead of heading to Dalkeith you should visit your comrade in arms to question his wisdom in delaying the inflow of foreign exchange and jobs for the poor. With this little economic development you may get a fish cake and mauby from the vendors who will ply their trade to the tradesmen employed on the project.

    Guys like you don’t believe in democracy in any form, you all believe in being the black saviours on whom the masses should depend. I’m really tired of your kind, doing nothing for your salary, recognizing your departments are being winded up, seeing things looking greener for NUPW officers if their party wins at the polls, so you are lining up for the gravy. I know your type mate, but I’ll agitate against you lot, the masses need to beware of this great scam. Oh by the David, I wanted a first hand look at the public service for purely political purposes and I have evidence of the operatives at work. The workers at the bottom are unproductive because of their appointed seniors who are failing the system and are protected by the very privilege of an appointment.

    Shame on you lot, a change of government will never correct this chronic infection throughout our public service.

  6. David Denny April 2, 2017 at 7:29 am

    Why you are force to hide behind the name Greengiant. Are you one of the house negros that Malcom X spoke about? You are one of those persons who will run to your master saying that your house is burning when it is your master’s house and he will leave you in his yard to eat his pig feet. I don’t have time for people like you, who will sell out the working class people. Keep eating your pig feet and drinking your master’s water.

    My time will be better spent defending the rights of Public Officers. No time for you.

  7. Greengiant April 2, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Yes Denny I’m very familiar with your trained defensive response to a simple question. Have you done the mathematics? When some of you received the gravy from Owens table I didn’t hear you. You all were silent during the wage freezes, and other deals made the interest of the workers even though there was so much money in the country at that time and foreign reserves were high.

    The days for persons like yourself using slavery, the years of oppression against blacks, and the African diaspora as the sole reason for you guys to lead us are obsolete. I’m not hiding the name Greengiant, as you guys hide behind the useless self serving commissions formed by you all to get tax payers money by authorized deception. I have never, and will never depend on crumbs from the table of the black or white master. Your type are proud to serve the interest of a black master class, than to serve the interest of the black masses.

    You are not attacking me though David, you are attacking the unbiased political opinion of one who knows the system very well and who too understands what’s in it for the likes of you. I must also tell you, I’m not attacking you personally either, but the system you represent. Stop being an activist and really lead something. I’m sure you like me learned true leadership in the land of the revolution. We also learned about what you have become David. I have chosen to be a true revolutionary, I don’t get into bed with political parties, I instead work for the people. I guess by now you would know who I am and. If you don’t I will surprise you very soon.

  8. Concerned Bajan April 6, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    While asking for these raises why don’t the unions also require the workers to be evaluated on job performance as it is done in the private sector? And attach pay increases to productivity and job performance evaluations.


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