Early Easter fun for toddlers

Easter started early for the pre-school students of the Maria Holder Sharon Nursery as the three-and four-year-olds took part in kite flying today.

The Come Fly A Kite Day saw the children and their parents and relatives enjoying the traditional Barbadian Easter pastime.

The event, in its third year, is aimed at strengthening the ties between children and their parents and the bond between teachers and parents, while they enjoy Easter treats and activities.

The 121 energetic students excitedly joined their parents on the school pasture to fly their kites.

Jamar and Christian Springer setting up their kite.
T’merah Alleyne attempts to fly her kite with her grandfather Denzel Branford.
Raphael Turney flies the kite for his son Nathan Hinds.
Four-year-old Jordyn Hinkson takes photos of his kite.

Principal Shelley Boyce was elated with the response from parents and students. She indicated that, through the activity, critical relationships were being built between the school and home.

“If we involve the parents in our activities, they are better able to understand why we do what we do,” she explained.

“We should not only be calling parents when the child has done something wrong, but having activities that will promote best practices in children help parents to see the teacher in action, as well as help the parents to learn strategies in discipline, engaging children.

“In this environment of bullying in schools, we have to reach the parent, we have to reach the children, and it is on the school to step out and do something about it. Schools should do what they can to bring parents together in meaningful dialogue and engage them in worthwhile activities,” Boyce added.

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  1. Trishane Alleyne March 27, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    My lil boo and her Grand Daddy


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