Thefts land Charles in jail

A man who pleaded guilty to several theft charges will spend some time at HMP Dodds, not only for stealing but for breaching a bond imposed by the court.

St Elias Charles of Queen’s Street, St Michael, who has been on remand from January, made another appearance before Magistrate Douglas Frederick Wednesday when he admitted to offences dating back to December 4 last year.

His guilty plea meant that Charles had breached a bond previously imposed on him, that carried a forthwith fine of $1,500 or a 12-month prison term. He was unable to pay the fine.

The magistrate then imposed six-month concurrent sentences for theft of a clutch bag and $13 in cash belonging to Tricia Springer; damaging a motorcar belonging to Fiona Pilgrim; stealing a purse, $200 in cash, a Barbados identification card and two debit cards belonging to Theresa Warner; and stealing a doll, a book set and a bag of sweets belonging to Elaine Layne-Husbands.

He will serve those sentences simultaneously with a 12-month sentence for stealing a laptop bag, a laptop computer, a laptop charger, a hard drive and a CD holder belonging to Rasheed Singh.

For his guilty plea of loitering on St Michael’s Row with cause to suspect he was about to commit theft, he was slapped with a one-month jail term; and three-month sentences for taking a cellular phone belonging to Ian Griffith and an iPod, wallet, and two cables belonging to Harvey Read and three colognes belonging to Cave Shepherd and Company Limited.

2 Responses to Thefts land Charles in jail

  1. Stephanie F. Chase
    Stephanie F. Chase March 24, 2017 at 6:26 am

    This man is looking like he hit the jackpot by being sent back to jail…smh

  2. North Point March 24, 2017 at 8:34 am

    He just cant stop thieving so Dodd’s will be his second home, I believe that he stole from the church and therefore he will continue to steal until he dies, his rap sheet is lengthy.


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