BCC energized

Barbados Community College (BCC) students and staff were energized and educated yesterday during the Flip The Switch Challenge, one of a series of game shows aimed at increasing public awareness of renewable energy and energy security issues in Barbados.

The show was part of a wider event which forms part of the Disaster Risk and Energy Access Management (DREAM) Project that promotes solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in public buildings for clean energy access, increased climate resilience and disaster risk management.

From left, first place winner Samuel Hinds, Margo Bannister who won second place, and Theodore Hamshaw and Brendon Belle who tied for third place.

DREAM project coordinator Destine Gay spoke to Barbados TODAY about the project which is funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and implemented by the Division of the Energy with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

“It is to improve the disaster risk resilience and response of Barbados through placing PV systems on the community centres and polyclinics which are like first response locations after a disaster,” she said.

“The project seeks to increase awareness on the benefits of renewable energy and the importance of solar PVs in Barbados to the public, but particularly the youth, to educate them about the industry, where they can be trained and what jobs they
can find in the sector to help build the sector.”

Noting that the sector is diverse, she added: “It isn’t just PV installers but there are a lot of support services required and therefore more job opportunities.”

Solar provider Solar Watt was one of the sponsors on board the project.

Ivor Trotman, sales and marketing manager, said he wanted to educate Barbadians about how solar works and how renewable energy and LED bulbs help reduce fuel costs and light bills.

Ivor Trotman, sales and marketing manager at Solar Watt.
Representatives for Solar Watt Systems Inc explaining the tube bulbs.

Among Solar Watts’ displays was a two-foot tube bulb which Trotman said requires less maintenance and lasts longer.

The Flip The Switch Challenge is being held at schools and community centres around the island.

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