Friendship turns sour

Fisherman and friend fall out over bicycle

A fisherman wasted no time Friday in admitting that he hit his friend in an altercation over a bicycle.

“I did struck him, Sir!” Ian Adrian Rollins of Hinkson Land, Goodland, St Michael declared in the No.1 District ‘A’ Criminal Court before Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

He had been charged with unlawfully assaulting Euglyn Lovell as well as occasioning him actual bodily harm Thursday night around 11:15 when the two got into an altercation over a bicycle.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson said the longtime friends were at 3rd Avenue Goodland, St Michael when Rollins asked Lovell to use his bicycle. Lovell refused, which did not sit well with Rollins who held on to the bicycle. Lovell continued to resist, which resulted in Rollins taking up a “nasty bag filled with garbage” and striking Lovell in his face.

Station Sergeant Watson said Lovell suffered an abrasion to the right side of his face.

When Lovell put his hand in his pocket to get his phone, Rollins took the opportunity to reach into his own pocket and pulled out a knife and approached his friend in a threatening manner.

Lovell backed off and reported the matter to the police, and Rollins was later picked up.

In court Friday, Rollins tried to explain what occurred on the night, saying Lovell, whom he referred to as Nookie, had been his friend for a “long, long time”.

“He does sleep by me, eat by me. I does give he money, he does give me money,” Rollins told the court.

He said when his friend refused to lend him the bicycle, “that “aggravated me”.

“I stupidly tek up a bag with pep bottles and hit he. I stupidly did that to him . . . but I told him I sorry. I have a knife that is used to clean fish . . . but I didn’t make no threat to Nookie . . . to juck Nookie or stab Nookie,” Rollins said.

The prosecutor then informed the magistrate that Lovell was outside the court, to which Frederick responded: “He is saying that he has done all sorts of things for Nookie. So bring him in, let’s hear what he has to say.”

Lovell then took to the witness stand and explained that he had refused to let Rollins use his bicycle because he was about to leave. He added that while the two had been friends for a long time, “what happened last night, he spoilt that part”.

The magistrate then asked whether he wanted his friend jailed for assaulting him in such a manner.

“I think about it, you know, and I said ‘let him go up and let him rest himself up there’ . . . but he tell me sorry. Don’t send him to jail; give him the other remedies you got.

“We have been friends for a long time but he don’t have no right to take advantage of me. [I told him] if he do things to me I will put him before the court [and] it reach here because I serious,” Lovell responded.

He told the magistrate that compensation would suffice, as Rollins had made him lose out on a day’s work as a “top-class carpenter”.

“That’s $80 a day?” Frederick asked.

“I pass the $80 stage ever since,” Lovell responded.

And as he said that he would accept $150 in compensation, he informed the magistrate that his friend would retaliate.

“I know him well. . . . He going to bounce back,” Lovell warned.

The fine was then imposed on Rollins who must pay the amount in two weeks. If he fails to do so, he will spend one month in prison.

He was also placed on a bond to keep the peace for six months, in breach of which he would spend six months in prison.

“You took advantage of your friend,” Frederick told Rollins.

Earlier in his discussion with Lovell, the magistrate had asked him how he came to be known as Nookie. The complainant said it was because a lot of people could not pronounce his first name.

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