Three to benefit from ICBL Fun Walk & Run

On the heels of an overwhelming response in 2016, with over 3,600 people hitting the road for its Family Fun Walk & Run, the Insurance of Corporation of Barbados Ltd (ICBL) is expecting 5,000 walkers and runners on the road this time around.

Proceeds from the April 28 event, which is being held under the theme Stride for Pride, will be donated to the Special Olympics Barbados, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, and the Parent Education for Development in Barbados (PAREDOS).

Speaking on the behalf of Special Olympics Barbados, chairperson Donna King relayed her sincerest gratitude to the ICBL team for choosing the 45-year-old registered charity to be one of the recipients. It was one of the two selected through online voting.

From left, Director of PAREDOS Sheila Stuart; Emergency Medicine Specialist of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Accident & Emergency Department, Babatunde Oredein; registered nurse Josephine Williams and Chairperson of the Special Olympics Barbados, Donna King.

“We are totally dependent on volunteerism at all levels. It is only through funding, through corporate attachments and collaborations, and through the funds that we have raised that we are able to continue the world of Special Olympics Barbados,” explained King.

She said the donations which the charity receives from the fun walk and run would go towards training and activity programmes for disabled athletes.

“The outlet and training and activity that sporting brings for them and the absolute joy it brings, they would not be able to experience that under any normal circumstances,” King said.

Expecting a high level of participation for the 5K Walk and Run and 10K Run, acting CEO of ICBL Goulbourne Alleyne said more participants would mean more donations.

Acting CEO of ICBL Gaulbourne Alleyne

“The reason for our focus on raising the level of participation year after year is quite simple – greater participation means more funds raised, which means more funds donated,” he emphasized.

Registration which commences on March 16 is open to large groups, such as businesses, schools and health clubs. This corporate package option provides these large groups with personalized logos or prints on the back of their t-shirts. 

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  1. Donwayne Cogay March 21, 2017 at 11:57 am

    I’m relatively new to Barbados. I am planning to join and I would like to know where to register (as an individual). Thanks!


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