UPDATE: Altercation after ZR accident

Police are investigating an accident involving two route taxis, which occurred sometime around 12:40 Thursday afternoon along University Hill, St Michael.

This reportedly lead to a physical altercation between a driver and a conductor.

The scuffle on University Hill.

Preliminary investigations revealed that ZR131 was parked at the bus layby picking up passengers when ZR26 crashed into it.

ZR131 was being driven by 34-year-old Swayne Browne of Marshall Land, Bank Hall, St Michael, while ZR26 was driven by 48-year-old Audwyn Leacock of Holders Hill, St James.

The two route taxis involved in this afternoon’s collision.

Police say Browne was subsequently involved in an altercation with 29-year-old Tony Smith of Silver Hill, Christ Church, who was the conductor on ZR26.

During the scuffle Browne suffered injuries to his face and Smith lacerations to the head and right hand.

Both men were warned of intended prosecution by police and were allowed to seek medical attention.

Source: (PR)

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