Delightful poetry and worship

Poetry N Worship exceeded all expectations last Sunday.

This event featured Grammy award winner, singer Jonathan McReynolds and five amazing poets from the USA. They brought down the house at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Local artistes, John Yarde and Larix, also represented well as the opening worship acts for the night.

During the VIP Question & answer segment, from left- Chris Webb, Preston Perry, Ezekiel Azonwu (holding mic), MissTerious Janette…ikz and gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds.

The four-hour show was worth every minute, every ooh and ahhh, the laughs and the convictions. Sound N Worship will live on in the memories of all that attended. Those associated with the production definitely should take a bow.

VIP attendees getting a photo opportunity.

  The night began on a high note, with a prompt start, at 7 p.m. with the National Anthem being sung by local artiste Pasquin. After which, the beautiful and eloquent host for the night, Danielle Norris, dropped her self-penned spoken word which was relevant; touching on issues like ‘this black will crack’ and confessions of a single Christian girl.

From there, the fingers started snapping but the intensity heightened as the spoken word trio Marcus King, Ronson Small and Raymond Thomas delivered their pieces. It was clear the night was off to an amazing start and the packed house was prepared to be whipped off their feet. 

The crowd at Poets In Autumn enjoying the vibes.

It was an absolute pleasure to have the Poets in Autumn tour appear in Barbados, ending its Caribbean leg. Having popular YouTube sensations Ezekiel Azonwu, Miss Terious Janette, Preston Perry, Chris Webb and Jackie Hill Perry was nothing less than phenomenal.              

Hilarious, touching, convicting, thought provoking and pertinent are some of the adjectives to describe their production. The poets dealt with heavy topics including homosexuality, lust, relationships, being judgmental, condemnation and God’s grace, all in a creative and relatable manner.

Barbadian gospel singer Larix thrilled the crowd with her set.

There were many outstanding pieces for the night. The one deemed most comical and memorable would be the piece from Ezekiel Azonwu with his African impersonation. The courthouse scene was also a crowd favourite. This highlighted how humans usually judge each other based on their flaws and appearances. This was definitely an eye opener for those present.

The ending was a nice twist to how Christ truly sees us. Jackie Hill Perry mentioned how she met her husband, Preston Perry, after delivering her piece about her past life as a lesbian and hearing his story about his wild past. Ezekiel gave tips to the ladies about having unreasonable expectations usually wrapped up in a long list for that special man. Janette gave a short talk about the waiting period and courtship.

Jonathan McReynolds was the icing on the cake, after a long night of laughter and a mixture of emotions. His set, though not a delivery of his top hits, was more worshipful and  patrons’ appetites were stimulated in anticipation of his next scheduled appearance for Gospelfest this year. As usual, his humble, easy going, yet jovial nature connected with the crowd and set the auditorium on a nice groove.

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