Govt too ‘hard ears’, laments Sutherland

An Opposition Member of Parliament believes he knows exactly what is the problem facing the Freundel Stuart Government.

Barbados Labour Party (BLP) representative for St George South Dwight Sutherland said today that not only was the Stuart Government “hard-ears”, but it was also suffering from “apathy and laziness”.

On that basis, Sutherland flatly dismissed the request made by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler yesterday for the BLP to bring tangible solutions to the table to tackle the island’s economic woes, saying not only was it too late, but that Government had shot down many suggestions and recommendations over the years from economists, including former BLP leader Owen Arthur, as well as the private sector and even one of their very own.

“Right in their backyard, Mr Speaker, the member for St Philip West, he too has offered many solutions on many occasions to the Prime Minister of the ruling party, who has failed to act on his recommendations,” Sutherland said, in reference to Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick’s alternative economic plan.

The St George South MP also recalled that the Mia Mottley-led BLP had proposed the establishment of a joint select committee in 2009 to help address the country’s economic challenges when she “recognized” that “the ship had started to sink.

“But that is not all Mr Speaker, the member for St Michael North East [Mottley] came again in 2013, ship sinking further, and she proposed an eminent persons grouping to address the fiscal issues, the economic issues of this country, but you know what Mr Speaker, the Prime Minister of this country, he responded to her call for the eminent persons group and he said, ‘all of the members of his Cabinet are eminent persons’, he does not need an eminent persons group,” recalled Sutherland.

He said “worse yet” Sinckler had “pilloried” Mottley, telling her everything under the sun, “including to run down Broad Street naked if she wanted attention”.

He therefore questioned if Sinckler’s request for help at this time was genuine, arguing that even with all the solutions staring it in the face, the DLP administration had simply refused to act.

“So you are hard ears. And there is a saying, ‘hard ears you won’t hear, own way you gine feel’. But we will rescue this country,” said Sutherland, while calling on Government to call elections.

“This Government continues to suffer from inertia, apathy and laziness, especially in our energy sector . . . While some work has been done in the renewable energy sector, this Government is lagging,” he stressed. 

2 Responses to Govt too ‘hard ears’, laments Sutherland

  1. Steven Layne
    Steven Layne March 15, 2017 at 6:43 am

    B,dos on its worst day ,must better them most sister’s countries, just man made problems can be fixed with the stroke of a pen .

  2. BimJim March 15, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    I think I hear an election coming… just around the corner… nuff noise, chest-beating and opinionated hot air bout de place… go inside, chrilren, y’all shouldn’t hear dis kinda nastiness…


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