Youth urged to promote peace

Young people were today reminded that they have a role to play in maintaining peace in the society.

Some of the students who attended this morning’s service.

The reminder came from Reverend Reginald Knight during the multi-faith service held this morning in recognition of Commonwealth Day at the Calvary Moravian Church in Bridgetown.

Knight told the young people in the congregation that they needed to be more caring towards their peers.

Reverend Reginald Knight delivering his message.

“You are all individuals with differences in opinion; however, you can avoid unnecessary conflict and breakdown of peace. You accept the fact that though you may not always see eye to eye you can learn to respect each other and value each other’s opinion, being cognizant about how one’s actions can affect another. Listen to words of various organizations represented here. Christ calls us to take our roles seriously and be more responsible towards each other. Each one should love your brother as you love yourself,” he told them.

Knight also urged the adults gathered to remind the youth that peace was the best solution.

“We the adults have the responsibility; we need to remind the young people in our midst that they aren’t here by accident. We need to remind them that they too have a role to play to maintain peace. You need to remind them that they are young and are future leaders and we are asking them to be examples among their peers. We must try hard to help them understand the need to acquire the skills of conflict resolution and reconciliation,” he added.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave was also in attendance and delivered Her Majesty’s Commonwealth Day message which made reference to the Queen’s baton which will travel from country to country ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

It read in part: “By the time it reaches its final destination, the Queen’s baton would have brought together almost 2.5 million people who share a special connection . . . . Contained within the baton will be a special message that will be opened and read in Australia next year. There’s an even more powerful message to be seen as the baton passes from hand to hand, shore to mountaintop, to cities, towns and villages – it’s the message of a peace-building Commonwealth. The cornerstone of this peace is founded on simply respect and understanding for one another.”

Commonwealth Day marks the official launch of the Queen’s Baton Relay which began from Buckingham Palace in London today. The baton is due to arrive in Barbados from St Lucia on June 10, where it will tour the island before heading to Dominica on June 14. It will end in Australia on April 4, 2018, for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

In his address, Barbados Olympic Association president Steve Stoute emphasized the significance of both Commonwealth Day and the Commonwealth Games as avenues to highlight the use of sport to promote social cohesion.

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