World facing greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945

The world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, the United Nations says, issuing a plea for help to avoid “a catastrophe”.

UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien said that more than 20 million people faced the threat of starvation and famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.

Unicef has already warned 1.4 million children could starve to death this year.

O’Brien said $4.4 billion was needed by July to avert disaster.

“We stand at a critical point in history,” O’Brien told the Security Council on Friday. “Already at the beginning of the year we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the United Nations.”

“Now, more than 20 million people across four countries face starvation and famine. Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death. Many more will suffer and die from disease.

“Children stunted and out of school. Livelihoods, futures and hope will be lost. Communities’ resilience rapidly wilting away. Development gains reversed. Many will be displaced and will continue to move in search for survival, creating ever more instability across entire regions.”

O’Brien’s comments follow on from a similar appeal made by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres last month.

At that time, he revealed the UN had only received $90 million so far in 2017, despite generous pledges. (BBC)

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  1. Peter March 11, 2017 at 10:04 am

    This is the perfect tool for DEMs supporters like Bobby Mathews who calls himself Arthur on Brass Tacks, Carson C Cadogan and Zeus to use and say look Barbadians are not starving. I just want them to know that DEMs are taking us there. Arthur was trying to insinuate that there will be violence at today’s march to scare Barbadians from attending. He’s using psychology.

  2. Ernest March 11, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    The big countries are wasting money on war .why don’t each give 1/2 billions dollar .Donald Trump.Bill Gates and other Billion dollar cooperations can also donate to this cause


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