Hinds admits to 2014 killing

Two men – one accused of killing a former drinking buddy, and the other charged with indecently assaulting a minor – admitted to their crimes when they went before the High Court today.

Hammond Tennyson Hinds of Crab Hill #1, St Lucy is charged with the November 22, 2014 murder of Martin Walton Greaves.

When Hinds, who is represented by attorney-at-law Andrew Willoughby, appeared before Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius in the No.5 Supreme Court, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

In outlining the facts, Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts said that from the evidence, it appeared that the deceased and Hinds were drinking buddies, but there was a falling out when Greaves objected to someone giving Hinds money.

While in Half Moon Fort on the day in question, Hinds was apparently involved in a verbal altercation with another man when Greaves intervened, which resulted in an argument between the former mates. According to Watts, Greaves was heard telling Hinds to leave him alone.

Greaves went to stand in another area, but Hinds took up a piece of wood shortly afterwards and hit him across his arm which led to a fight.

It was during the fight that Hinds pulled out a knife from his waist and stabbed Greaves seven times before running off.

One witness told police what took place and the incident was also captured on CCTV.

Hinds was taken into custody the next day and was subsequently charged.

Justice Cornelius ordered a pre-sentencing report into Hinds’ life as well as his time spent on remand, in preparation for his sentencing.

In the other case, Simon Jerome Foster of Hope Road, St Lucy admitted to committing an act of serious indecency against a 15-year-old girl on July 29, 2011.

Senior Crown Council Krystal Delaney told the judge that Foster was cutting grass in the area of the girl’s home that day, and when her mother left home he knocked on the door and forced his way inside the house.

The girl asked Foster to leave but he refused and proceeded to touch her buttocks, pushed her on the couch and touched her intimately, even though she informed him that she was menstruating and tried to fight him off.

The girl later told her aunt about what had occurred.

Foster was arrested and was pointed out on an identification parade by the girl, but he denied committing the act.

The judge ordered that pre-sentencing and psychological reports be done on Foster who was represented by attorney Desmond Sands, as well as a report on his time spent on remand.

Both Hinds and Foster return to court on May 5 when their sentencing hearings are expected to continue.

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