Sammy’s Captain Fantastic

Australian all-rounder Shane Watson has praised the captaincy of Darren Sammy as he gears up for another campaign in the Caribbean Premier League starting in August.

Watson, the marquee signing last season for St Lucia Zouks – now rebranded St Lucia Stars – is expected to be a key part of the franchise’s bid this year for their first ever CPL title.

Darren Sammy

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s draft in Barbados, the 35-year-old said Sammy had been crucial to the St Lucia franchise’s success last season where they reached the playoffs for the first time ever.

“Darren Sammy has had an incredible amount of success especially in the shorter formats for West Indies. I’ve always played against Darren but I’ve never got the chance to get to know him away from the game so to be able to be captained by him [was great],” Watson said.

“He is a very charismatic guy, a strong leader says things that needs to be said at the right time and on the field he absorbs pressure very well, is a great decision-maker under pressure which we have all seen for the West Indies as well.”

He added: “But then to be able to have someone like Mike Hussey who comes in with his experience and also the combination of Stuart Williams (coach) with Darren as well was a great combination. They both know the things that need to occur within a team.”

Watson had a decent outing last season for Zouks, scoring 287 runs at an average of 31 while picking up 12 wickets with his medium pace.

Along with leading scorers Johnson Charles (441) and Andre Fletcher (324), Watson helped ensure Zouks finished fourth in the standings after the preliminaries, and qualify for the playoffs.
Watson said it had been a rewarding experience helping to bring some level of success to the St Lucia franchise after a barren run.

“Going to St Lucia I knew obviously how things had panned out in the previous few tournaments where we didn’t have that much success,” Watson explained.

“But to be able to get some belief within the group and get the combinations right, it took us a little while to get it exactly right at the start of the tournament but once we did, we played some awesome cricket.

We beat the Tallawahs twice – they ended up winning the tournament. The great thing is that our squad isn’t changing that much from last year so we should be really able to continue to build on what we built last year.”

The new CPL season will run from August 1 to September 9. 

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14 Responses to Sammy’s Captain Fantastic

  1. North Point March 10, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Go Sammy The new CPL season is behind you

  2. John Blandford
    John Blandford March 10, 2017 at 8:38 am

    A little missed yesterday

  3. Angus Benn
    Angus Benn March 10, 2017 at 8:40 am

    The westindies cricket board cannot see that. I am happy that English won the series. They will spend more money in the Caribbean. we punishing our good players. Because they are out spoken. The board want yes people like Brown and the captain of the westindies team. That is why England BLACK WASH THE WESTINDIES TEAM IN THE 50 OVERS. YOU HAVE SAMMY GALE THE TWO BRAVO BROTHER RAMDIN RAMPAUL KIERON POLAND.AND BEEN WITH A FEW YOUNGSTERS IN THE TEAM. ENGLAND CANNOT EMBARRASSED US LIKE THAT. SHAME ON THE BOARD.

    • LadySparta M Mapp
      LadySparta M Mapp March 10, 2017 at 10:19 am

      To me the cricket board intentions was to embarrass the team. Never in my 23 yrs of watching cricket I see such a weak team. Was a total disgrace and the board is to be blame

  4. Peter March 10, 2017 at 9:21 am

    He spoke out soundly against the WICB which as far as I am concerned is called freedom of speech. He was subsequently axed by Dictator Brown and just look at them now. Their excuse for doing so badly against England will be “Ph they’re a very young side. they’re rebuilding.”

  5. D March 10, 2017 at 9:52 am


  6. Donild Trimp March 10, 2017 at 10:18 am

    “He spoke out soundly against the WICB which as far as I am concerned is called freedom of speech”.

    I am a Darren Sammy fan but don’t be misguided by this freedom of speech myth.

    Freedom of speech as the law sees it pertains mostly to Government. Individual freedom of speech is tricky.

    If a person working for an organization says something publicly that can or may embarrass that organization, freedom of speech protection does not apply.

    I think most people are misguided by what comes out of the USA when it comes to freedom of speech.

  7. Clyde Thompson March 10, 2017 at 10:55 am

    > Angus, Peter and Donald, unfortunately you have no respect for discipline, there is a time and place and we all must follow the leadership or exit with some dignity.
    Yes there are problems in WI cricket, the selection is poor and is beyond some of the selected player’s characteristics and potential ie Kraig Brathwaite is not a good choice for white ball (limited over) cricket, he will bat long but his dots are more than his score, the same for Carlos Brathwaite (a one hit wonder), as is Kieran Powell and Devendra Bishoo (very inconsistent).
    WI has to scout for and develop some left handed pacers and other positional players before they can become better, much of the brighter talent has some how diminished once selected.

    • Donild Trimp March 10, 2017 at 11:51 am

      @ Clyde Thompson: “Angus, Peter and Donald, unfortunately you have no respect for discipline”

      Clyde Thompson, what the hell are you talking about? What is it about my post that you do not understand?

      I quoted a statement from Peter and then explained how people are misguided by the free speech myth, which should indicate to you that I was pointing out what Darren Sammy said was not free speech as postulated by Peter.

      What is it in my post that led you to believe I have no respect for discipline?

      Are you that dumb that you cannot comprehend what is written?

      • Clyde Thompson March 10, 2017 at 6:05 pm

        I guest that you noted that I called you Donald Trump not Donild Trimp, like him you seem to have that touch of ignorance, discipline and disrespect. Oh wise one, you need to modify your temper.
        You just need some money to complete it all.

  8. orlando March 10, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    all i got to say is angus benn and peter are 2 clowns who dont have a clue . sammy is a very good person who was mislead by the actions of bravo and pollard.. and he never was a A1 cricketer and he got worse in the later years.

  9. harry turnover March 10, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Sammy,Gayle,Bravos,Ramdin and Narine SHOULD NOT PLAY FOR THE WI AGAIN.
    Well said Orlando…you got sense and the Board too.

  10. harry turnover March 10, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    ….and Pollard and Samuels too.People seem to forget that it was that clique that got WI to rock bottom status and had become arrogant and disrespectful.
    People also seem to forget that 6 members of that group were OPPOSED to Sammy in the first place being captain from the very first WC and even up to the second WC .
    More can be said here but that would be a waste of time because most people might not remember the actions of Gayle and Dwayne Bravo after the first WC

    • Clyde Thompson March 10, 2017 at 11:18 pm

      Harry and Orlando I am in total agreement Sammy, Gayle, the Bravo brothers, Ramdin, Samuels and Narine should never be selected to play for WI again, ever,
      Let them play all the pro cricket they can now


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