Be bold, be you

She is bold enough to tell God, “If I gotta only wear black and brown [as a Christian], I don’t think you are gonna need me, cause I am just not cut out for black and brown.”

And when it comes to change, the ‘C’ in her name stands for just that.

Carita Dee has been a radical, walking source of inspiration for hundreds of Barbadian women who are not afraid to face her straight talk and real life story.

The devout Christian who is a talk show host, life coach, author, producer and motivational speaker enjoys nothing more than breaking new ground and challenging women to move to the next level.

“I believe life is a journey, you never reach a specific destination; it’s always going further and further and reaching higher and higher,” she shared as she prepared to serve up a timely message for women on this International Women’s Day.

Carita, who was raised in a Christian home and attended Christian school and church religiously, also easily fit in with well-known Bible characters.

Like King David, she committed adultery; like the harlot Mary, she sometimes suffered from low self-esteem; and then there was the abortion and the other sins women hide.

“The journey has not always been easy and because of that I feel that I have been blessed to learn from some of the things that I have experienced and to be able to pass that on,” she says with a ready smile.

“One of my mentors shared with me, ‘a lesson unlearnt is a lesson repeated’.”

Carita, who says she was brought face to face with her own mess and straightened up after a fresh encounter with God, is encouraging women today, especially Christians, to get it together, step out, enjoy life and fulfill their purpose.

“A lot of people here in our society depict Christianity as this thing in a box, you are so straight laced and you can’t have any fun.

“I found that if I can get out of that kind of mold, I could still be me, I could still have my personality. God can work on my character and my integrity, but he gave me a personality and I want to keep that, I want to laugh.”

With a chuckle, she envisions the frown on the faces of some devout believers but advises that before looking down their noses, they ought to give more thought to connecting to God to find out what He truly wants.

“One of my ‘aha!’ moments came when I realized I didn’t have to be everybody in the Bible. I could be me, using the faith that is in the Bible and still be ok with me.

“. . .That I didn’t have to be perfect like Hannah and present a baby to God, that I didn’t have to be Esther on the other hand and be so wonderful and fast for three days. I can use certain things to make life better but I didn’t have to be them. And I think that is the pressure that we get as women, especially in this generation. We have so much pressure either on the outside or inside the church to be somebody other than who you really, really are.”

Carita says that’s her mission every time she takes to the airwaves.

She is concerned that too many Barbadian women are hurting in silence and she wants to play her part to help women get back on track.

“Whether it is promiscuity, whether it is abortions, sex without the ring, whatever it is.”

The 55-year-old busy bee was however quick to point out that her ministry does not involve “Bible thumping” and condemnation but showing women how to develop an open, deep relationship with their divine father.

“I don’t have to preach, which is something Christians love to do 99.99 per cent of our life we’re talking. If I wanted a preacher I would go to church on Sunday.

“A lot of times, we think ‘I got to show her I got the Bible, let me give her ten scriptures’, and it is such a turn off. . . . It should be so down-to-earth that people feel you are approachable. I don’t want to be the type of woman that everybody feels that when she walks in I have to try and get myself together. I am not God.”

Carita advises that women need to come to the realization that “being bold for change means you have to go after the niche that God has designed for you”.

“I think a lot of times we think that we can be everything to all people and that is a really dangerous mistake because you really can’t be; only Jesus can.”

She strongly urged women to get started on a new journey.

“Oh, definitely be bold, be bold for change. Boldness means you are going to have to step out the boat, baby, and you are going to have to do your thing .You will have to get with it. We cannot go into the latter part of 2017, into 2018 being timid and scared. You will not get it; you will not get what is designed for you.”

Carita is already on a new path and she teases that exciting things are coming.

“The challenge is,” she says, “will you be bold enough to join in?”

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