Two confess to aggravated burglary

Two men yesterday pleaded guilty to committing aggravated burglary, five years after they were charged with the offence.

Tyson Leon Edwards of #82, Casuarina Drive, Warners, Christ Church and Alvin Orlando Graham of Niles Road, Ellerton, St George admitted before Madam Justice Michelle Weekes in the No 2 Supreme Court to entering the home of George Reifer as trespassers on January 11, 2012 and stealing a cellular phone, three bags, a purse, a watch, a Barbados drivers licence and $100 in cash belonging to Meta Reifer.

The also admitted helping themselves to a watch, a bracelet, a ring, a purse, a driver’s licence and $700 in cash belonging to Annick Reifer.

The items taken totalled $4,710, and at the time of the offence the two were armed with a gun and a piece of wood.

According to Crown Council Oliver Thomas, the homeowner was asleep on January 10 when his wife woke him to alert him to the presence on an intruder.

He heard footsteps and the voices of two men, one of whom allegedly shouted, “don’t get up, we got a gun”.

The husband was ordered to remain on his stomach as his hands and that of his wife were taped by the perpetrators.

One of the men went to Annick’s bedroom and ordered her not to make any noise. She was also asked whether she had any gold or other possessions.

After securing the family with duct tape the men stole the items.

Police were later called in and investigations led to Graham and Edwards being taken into custody in March that same year and questioned about the burglary.

“I know wha you talking bout,” Edwards reportedly told police, before confessing that he and Graham wanted some money, “ so we tell one another that we gan go out and rob somebody or someplace”.

He said Graham told him that he had no weapons, to which he responded that he had a “shotgun that ain’t mine, but that I got control fah”.

Graham also gave the police a written statement outlining how the committed the crime.

The case has been adjourned to May 4 when the men’s sentencing hearing will continue.

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