Plea for special needs children

Civic-minded Barbadians and other Samaritans  are being encouraged to do more to support The Challenor School and contribute to the education of the island’s special children.

Management  of the institution , located at Canefield in St Thomas, disclosed that the school is in great need of assistance and requires about $250 000 to repair a collapsed roof on the main building and carry out other improvements.

Treasurer of the Board of Directors of The Challenor School, Eulita Headley (right) accepted funds presented by George Ullyett (left), which were raised from a recent Classic Cars exhibition sponsored by Courtesy Garage. Looking on are students and staff of the institution.

The needs of the school were highlighted when funds raised from recent classic cars exhibitions, sponsored by Courtesy Garage, were handed over to the institution by George Ullyett, secretary of the Barbados Association of Classic Cars (BACC).

Ullyett disclosed that the fund raising effort was an initiative of management and staff of Courtesy Garage and funds were raised from the sale of snacks and refreshments during the Classic Car Shows.

Treasurer of the Board of The Challenor School Eulita Headley accepted the funds on behalf of the institution. She thanked the donors and said the monies would be put to good use.

Headley, along with Secretary to the Board Marcia Brathwaite, disclosed that the school was moving to do some fundraising of its own, with a night cricket match and a themed dinner among the events planned.

The Challenor School is a leading special education institution on the island and  provides rehabilitative services to 50 challenged children between ages four and 18, and vocational training for 60 young men and women.

The Challenor School is regarded as more than just an educational institution. As outlined on its website, it offers students a chance at a new future and an opportunity to reach a level of independence in their lives that was previously impossible.

“By offering focused attention from faculty and staff through small class sizes, along with treatments such as physical therapy that would otherwise be unattainable, The Challenor School helps its students overcome and work with their physical and intellectual disabilities,” it added.

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