Same charge, different fates

Two men who appeared in a Bridgetown Court jointly charged with causing a disturbance in a public place faced different fates Monday.

Roger Dacosta Jack, 50, of Ventnor Gardens, Rockley, Christ Church, and Richard Dacosta Jordan, 53, of 1St Avenue Cane Vale, Christ Church, pleaded guilty to committing the offence on March 5 at Rockley Beach.

According to the facts read by police prosecutor Station Sergeant Martin Rock, police received a report that two men were fighting and throwing rocks at each other in the area.

However, when they responded to the disturbance, the men had already left.

After speaking to people in the immediate area, lawmen set out in search of the men, with names and descriptions in hand.

One was located in the Accra Taxi Terminal while the other was found in the car park of Shopsmart in Worthing, Christ Church.

They were told of the investigations and both admitted to committing the offence.

When Magistrate Douglas Frederick began talking to the two men, they each accused the other of being a thief.

Jack also alleged that Jordan, whom he said had ventured into his community to steal, threw a rock at him.

After taking a look at the men’s conviction cards, Magistrate Frederick sentenced Jordan to prison for one month and placed Jack on a bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for three months.

If Jack fails to adhere to the bond, he will have to pay the No.1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court $750 forthwith or spend one month in jail.

In another case also before Magistrate Frederick today, a 44-year-old woman denied a theft charge against her.

Lydia Suzette Bradshaw, of Sugar Hill, St Joseph, is accused of stealing three bottles of sea moss, two boxes of bacon burgers, a piece of cheese, one pack of chicken, one bottle of energy drink, one pack of fish, two bottles of food drink, and two packs of grapes from Popular Discounts last Saturday.

With no objections from prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock, Bradshaw was granted $1,500 bail with one surety. She returns to court on May 23.

2 Responses to Same charge, different fates

  1. freeagent March 7, 2017 at 7:28 am

    Now that the NCC and the Ministry of the Environment have had to lay off people from cleaning the roads and various communities, these persons who have committed crimes should be made to do this work. Our citizens have too lazy and lawless and we need to find ways for them to use some of the strength that they have to work.

  2. michael parker March 7, 2017 at 8:21 am

    freeagent, in england we have what you call community service,and let me tell you at least in my area it dosn’t work i have not seen a single person doing community work.


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