Domino effect

Woman admits to assaulting man who was playing game with her

A 41-year-old woman has been ordered to stay away from her victim after she pleaded guilty to assaulting a man following a game of dominoes.

Nicole Odessa Blackman, a resident of Block 5A Neptune Road, Deacons Farm, St Michael, admitted to unlawfully and maliciously wounding Gay Gibson on January 9.

Police prosecutor Station Sergeant Martin Rock told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that the two had known each other for the past 26 years and usually frequented the Roti Hut to play dominoes.

On the day in question, a group of people was playing when an argument ensued.

Rock said Gibson got up and began walking to the bathroom when he realized that Blackman was coming towards him. She reportedly spoke to him but he did not hear what she said. Gibson then felt a “blow” to the top of his head and when he looked back, he realized that Blackman was holding a broken stick in her hand.

She struck him again, this time under his left eye, causing him to fall to the ground, bleeding.

Blackman lifted the stick again with the intention of striking Gibson again, but she was stopped by other people who were there.

However, Blackman, who is known to the law courts, told the magistrate that the incident did not occur in the manner in which the prosecutor had presented it to the court.

She said they were playing a game of dominoes when Gay jumped up and began cursing after she had spoken to a man named Michael. Blackman said Gay asked her who she thought she was, after she questioned Michael.

“I told him ‘I was not talking to you’ and he say he will do me like he did Michael. He say he will shoot me. . . . I took up the stick and hit he, but he was not going to no bathroom,” Blackman sought to explain.

When questioned by the magistrate as to the extent of Gibson’s injuries, Rock informed the court that the complainant experienced swelling to the scalp and received a laceration on his cheek.

Magistrate Frederick then informed Blackman that he would adjourn the matter in order for Gibson to come to court to discuss the issue of compensation.

Blackman returns to the No. 1 District ‘A’ Criminal Court on March 17.

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