Broadway treat

Over a hundred special needs children and senior citizens got a treat this morning when the cast of this year’s Broadway to Barbados show serenaded them at the Derrick Smith School and Vocational Centre.

Broadway hits sung by stars whose names are associated with major productions across the world provided just a taste of the actual show held at the Frank Collymore Hall.

The cast ranged from Carter Calvert, who is best known for her Tony nominated Broadway musical It Aint Nothing But The Blues, to Danny Zolli, known for his role in Jesus Christ Superstar where he played both Jesus and Judas, to our very own local guest performer Andre Woodvine on the saxophone.

Cast members of Broadway to Barbados: John Patrick Schutz, Rebeccah Pitcher, Robert Mattern and Carter Calvert performing.
Star Carter Calvert singing to students.
Local guest performer Andre Woodvine on the saxophone.

Ann Shepherd, organizer of the event, said the show was birthed out of a donation made by Robert Bourque, chairman of the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust over a decade ago and has been in existence since.

“A few years ago, Robert made a donation to our elderly home and two years after that he asked me ‘why don’t you bring some of the residents?’. I said ‘our youngest resident is probably 80 years old’, and so he brought the show to the home,” Shepherd said.

She added that the show had definitely grown with this being the largest audience it has had.

“It has expanded from just senior citizens to include differently abled children and they absolutely love it,” she said, thanking the cast who made the show a reality.

Producer of the show Neil Berg described it as “absolute magic”.

“This is our favourite part. We get to do a show dedicated to the disabled children and the elderly – people who would never get a chance to come to the Frank Collymore Hall.

“Our actors and performers are so happy to come inland and perform for the elderly, as well as the special children, because we know music is a universal language,” he said.

March is recognized as the Month of the Disabled in Barbados and it could not have started any better.

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