T&T’s great colourful show

The Caribbean’s most anticipated carnival is over for this year.

Over the past two days, thousands of revellers descended on the streets of Port of Spain for the colourful parade of masquerade bands to climax the 2017 Trinidad and Tobago carnival ahead of the Ash Wednesday observance.

No amount of rain could have stopped the fun.

Usain Bolt (second from left in the back row) with his friends before they hit the road.
Former Miss Jamaica World Kaci Fennell.
Machel Montano on the road.

Some Barbadians who could not be there in person, watched the revelry on computer screens. Many Barbadians, though, reportedly took the trip down to T&T.

The masqueraders in their beautiful costumes paraded across the stage and then on to the streets to many of the season’s biggest soca hits, but the song of choice seemed to be Full Extreme.

Up to the time of writing, the Road March winner had not yet been announced but Full Extreme seemed to be a strong contender for the title.

Here are some scenes from the Carnival Monday and Tuesday jamming in T&T.

As you take them in, you can take comfort in the fact that our very own Crop Over is just a few months away.

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