The Warriors dethrone the Royals

 Red “Set B” House Warriors are back as champions of Coleridge and Parry Secondary School’s Inter-house Sports after dethroning Purple “Set F” House Royals Thursday at the National Stadium. 

Set B had set the pace with a commanding 96 points lead even before sports commenced this morning and they increased those points throughout the day to come out on top with 785.5 points, ahead of last year’s champions who accumulated 656 to finish second. 

Kie-Anna Russell of Blue House won the Under-13 Girls 100m ahead of Shecorea Trotman of Orange House.

That left the other houses to battle it out for the remaining positions and Orange “Set E” House ran a good race for third place with 625.5 points, Blue “Set C” House’s 544 points got them fourth position, Green “Set D” House tallied 502 points for fifth spot and Yellow “Set A” House’s total of 492 left them in the cellar sixth position. 

Khimani Cox of Orange House won every race on track today in the Under-13 Boys Division and also won the long jump in that age group.

There were five records in total broken this year and Shanice Hutson led the way with two in the discus and shot put. In fact both records belonged to Simone Drayton back in 2011 and Hutson threw a distance of 32.12m to replace the 28.35m in the discus and she putted 10.32m to erase the previous mark of 9.75m in the shot put.

Shanice Hutson of Blue House broke the records in the Under-17 discus and shot put.

The other three records fell Thursday on track and Set F who had won for the past two years clocked 54.39 to take ownership of the Under-13 Girls 4x100m relay that once belonged to set A. 

Kesean Ochilien (l) of Yellow House stamped his authority to win the Under-15 Boys 100m.

The other record-breaking performances also captured all attention at the stadium when a small lad by the name of Robert Ewart from Set D ran a phenomenal race in the Under-17 Boys 200m. Ewart lost the Under-17 Boys 100m to Tafari Bishop of Set C who ran 11.68 ahead of his 11.76. However, Ewart came back with a vengeance and speed to burn this afternoon, clocking 22.20 to erase the 22.37 set by Rasheem Griffith last year in the 200m. 

Robert Ewart with a sensational run broke the Under-17 Boys 200m for Green House, winning ahead of Tafari Bishop of Blue House.

Speaking of Griffith, he too accomplished a record of his own in the Under-20 Boys 200m running 21.20 to shatter the 22.00 set 32 years ago in 1985 by Richard Hinds.

Griffith of Set A was also named victor ludorum for scoring 62 points. He won the 100m, came second in the 400m, 800m, long jump and shot put and was seventh in the discus. 

Victor ludorum Rasheem Griffith of Yellow House powering his way to victory in the Under-20 Boys Division.

Griffith who has already secured his place to represent Barbados at CARIFTA Games in Curacao in the 400m and 400m hurdles will definitely be one to watch at the Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Championship at the end of this month.

Keara Cozier of Green House (second left) was victorious in the Under-17 Girls 100m.

Coleridge and Parry School are known for producing outstanding athletes with the likes of Sada Williams and double CARIFTA Games gold medallist Jonathan Jones now a student at Harrison College. They are without ace Under-20 Boys shot put and discus thrower Triston Gibbons, also now based at the Crumpton Street institution.

Victrix ludorum, Asariah Arthur of the victorious Red House won the 400m.

Asariah Arthur of the victorious Set B was named victrix ludorum having tallied 58 points from winning the 400m, javelin, finishing second in the 100m, 200m and 800m, placing third in the 1500m and fifth in the shot put and discus. 

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