St Joseph Primary take top honours

All hail King Zane and Queen Imani!

St Joseph Primary’s pride, Zane Cox and Imani Firebrace, were the toast of their school yesterday morning after winning the inaugural African Awareness Pageant for children in primary schools at St Leonard’s Boys School on Saturday night.

Zane Cox and Imani Firebrace leading the parade through St Joseph.

Cox and Firebrace who won from seven other primary school pairings, led the student roll through sections of Horse Hill, Blackman’s and surrounding communities to celebrate their triumph. The party was accompanied by teachers, parents, well-wishers, pageant coordinator Shelly Small and principal Cloda Alleyne.

St Joseph Primary’s principal Cloda Alleyne (l) and organiser Shelly Small (second left) were among those celebrating the school’s achievement.

The confident Cox and Firebrace were all smiles as they waved at onlookers and admirers while dressed in the African-styled outfits worn at Saturday’s pageant. St Joseph Primary teacher and co-ordinator Sheron Forde said the walk through the community was planned prior to the school’s victory but having actually won the pageant the celebration was made even bigger.

She said as part of the preparation for the pageant the school had chosen Senegal as its focus and Cox and Firebrace had diligently learned a number of aspects related to the life and culture of Senegal. She said during the build-up to the pageant persons had visited the school and spoken to the children about Africa with specific reference to Senegal.

Forde explained that the entire awareness exercise had enriched the children’s experiences. She noted it was vital that they were made aware of their historical origins and the importance of learning of their past. She said the preparation for the pageant and the celebration of Black History Month had served to whet their appetites for more knowledge and had highlighted the richness of their past.

At the pageant held on Saturday, Cox and Firebrace stole the show with a dramatization centered on Senegal. The crowd in attendance frequently erupted with applause during their presentation that basically looked at an African returning home to Senegal. Cox’s switch from a Barbadian accent to one of Senegalese stirred the crowd.

In addition to the dramatization they appeared in formal wear and also handled themselves with much aplomb in the question and answer segment. They also won the prize for Best Talent.

This little one was quite interested in the proceedings.

Taking second position in the pageant were Kayla Piggott and Tarique Greene of West Terrace Primary. They also won the prize for the Best Question and Answer. They depicted aspects of Gambia with Greene winning a prize for the Most Dramatic Male as well as the Most Confident.

In third position were St Mark’s Kirah Henry and Kevon Thorne. They depicted aspects of Guinea and were also adjudged the Most Photogenic Couple. Henry was deemed the Most Confident female during the pageant.

Also in the pageant were All Saints’ Shakera Worrell-Belgrave and Shawn Seales. They presented aspects of Nigerian life with Worrell-Belgrave taking the prize for Best Gown and her partner taking the honours for the Best African Wear.

Eunique Small and Jalani Phillips represented Grantley Prescod with the former winning a prize for the Most Dramatic Female.

St John Primary’s Chinara Blunte and Kaliq Ashby portrayed Malawi while St Giles Primary’s Rynia Ifill and Atiba Sealy depicted aspects of  the Ivory Coast. St Mary’s Zarina Clarke and Sage Farrell brought alive the nation of Liberia.

Prizes for the winners included trophies, tablets, jewellery, bicycles and stationery. The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation promised the installation of DirectTV to the homes of the winners. Emcee was KB Kleene.

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