Fisherman confesses six years after drug catch

Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius has ordered a pre-sentencing report into the life of a fisherman who pleaded guilty to two drug charges Tuesday, six years after committing the crimes.

Othneil Harewood, 56, of Ashby Land No. 2, Christ Church, admitted in the No. 5 Supreme Court that he imported and was in possession of a trafficable quality of cannabis on September 6, 2010.

The illicit substance, which weighed 211.6 kilogrammes, was discovered in an icebox in a fishing boat on which Harewood was found.

Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts told the High Court judge that a marine patrol spotted the vessel Ocean Pier just off the Bridgetown Port, heading south.

The beacon on the police vessel was activated but the boat sped off in the direction of the port.

It was pursued, and when it came to a stop at the port, the marine officers saw a man jump off and run away. They immediately radioed their colleagues on dry land, who gave chase and apprehended the runner.

Harewood, meantime, was sitting on the icebox when police boarded the vessel. A search was conducted and five nylon packages containing the drugs were found.

“This is some weed a man send me for,” Harewood told lawmen back then.

He was taken into custody where he gave oral and written statements in which he revealed that a man by the name of Mark had asked him to collect some weed from Union Island, part of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Harewood said he agreed and he met with Mark at the Careenage, boarded a boat and travelled all night, arriving at the rendezvous spot the following morning.

He explained in his statement that another boat with three men came and threw five black bags on the vessel.

“Me and Mark take the bags and put them down in the icebox,” the statement read by Watts revealed.

But they were spotted and caught on the way back to Barbados.

Justice Cornelius adjourned the matter to May 2 for a probation report and a report on Harewood’s time on remand.

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