Six Roads is prime real estate

The Six Roads zone, along with the areas around it, is among the safest residential locations in Barbados, and planners intend to intensify its development as a community and commerce centre covering St Philip and parts of Christ Church.

That is the conclusion of a team of planning consultants who have completed a new draft Physical Development Plan for the island. They are in the midst of six town hall meetings aimed at getting feedback from residents and the general public on whether the proposals are acceptable, or if there should be additional considerations.    

“Six Cross Roads will embrace its potential as an inland community that is at reduced risk from climate change and will prioritize maintaining and improving resiliency in future growth,” explained urban designer Tyler Baker, the member of the planning team designated to speak about Six Roads and its immediate environs.

Urban designer Tyler Baker

“Much of the island is vulnerable to rising sea level and storm surges, if there is a hurricane. Six Cross Roads is inland, so it is less at risk than some other places. So it is a good place to focus national infrastructure like schools and police stations,” he added on Saturday afternoon at the first town hall meeting which was held at the Princess Margaret Secondary School.

Urban planner on the consulting team, Yolanda Alleyne, explained that the Barbados Physical Development Plan is a policy document on how Barbados develops land use, settlement and other areas and it is now being renewed to cover the next five to ten years.

Urban planner Yolanda Alleyne

Stressing the importance of Barbadians’ contribution to the final plan, she indicated that the Chief Town Planer uses it to help in his decision-making.

Retired trade unionist Patrick Frost suggested, however, that the discretion to change the surroundings of a community should not be left to the Chief Town Planner only.

Patrick Frost making a contribution to the town hall meeting.

He said residents should be involved in the decision-making whenever land use applications propose an alteration to the landscape.

“At the very minimum, . . . anytime there is any change of use in any community, or in any group, the person putting in the application must hold a meeting with the residents in that area,” Frost said, adding that while Saturday’s meeting was fine for discussion of a long-term plan, there must be similar exercises for “individual change of use [applications, and] the community should be directly involved”.

The robust session of questions by residents in attendance and their suggestions did not, however, focus on the Six Roads area. They reflected interests of Bajans across the island, despite the explanation by meeting organizers that there would be six town hall gatherings to discuss 10 specific area development plans.

Delving further into plans related to that meeting, Baker said: “The vision for Six Cross Roads is that it will continue to develop as a regional centre, providing a range of amenities and community uses for the increased population in the southeast portion of the island.

“So, Six Cross Roads is meant to serve a wider community in Christ Church and St Philip. New development and investment will focus on improving the cohesiveness of the community”.

According to Baker, there will be a greater emphasis on pedestrian use.

“Right now, a lot of places in Six Roads are car-focused. You have to drive everywhere; walking isn’t necessarily all that comfortable, and we’re looking to provide ways that might be improved,” he said.

Baker also spoke about improved pedestrian routes, so that residents could walk around the community without necessarily have to go into the roundabout and cross through traffic.

The proposal also includes walking connections from the market, to the school, to the polyclinic, without pedestrians having to go onto the road.

St Philip resident John Goddard said all future development plans must demand that officers of the Town and Country Planning Office visit sites to ensure that all regulations were properly observed.

St Philip resident John Goddard making his contribution at the meeting.

7 Responses to Six Roads is prime real estate

  1. Alex Alleyne March 1, 2017 at 10:46 am

    What about all those “run-down-bad-looking-buildings” at the top of Gall Hill-Newton-lodge Road”.?????????. Why not convert those buildings into places for MANUFACTURING.

  2. Mazie Taylor
    Mazie Taylor March 1, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Just don’t create a concrete jungle up here in the process and don’t overprice I am not opposed to New ideas for improvement of six roads etc I agree with the idea of letting residents be included in the plans

  3. L King March 1, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    @ Mazie Taylor – you need to tell them that – send them an email or call them. It wouldn’t matter if you live around there.

  4. L King March 1, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Can someone please post on here the builders contact details.

  5. Hal Austin March 1, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    I said this a long time ago in my Notes From a Native Son. I also proposed as alternative Four Roads and Boscobelle.
    Government can incentivise private businesses to move to the new town, along with transferring some government department.
    The benefits will be numerous: the flow of traffic at rush hour will be reversed, easing the pressure on Bridgetown; local people will not have to travel in to town for reasonable jobs; local businesses will see a vast improvement in business; improvements in public transport; and, the night-time economy will grow.
    For Roads will also be a good site, since St John is the poorest parish in the country, so the social and economic benefits will be even greater.

  6. Z waithe March 1, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    I hear a lot of talk of building … when there are empty lots and empty houses everywhere . Do we need more ?
    I would like to hear instead of the preservation of our green spaces, countryside , the creation of public walkways , the protection of beach accesses and the maintenance of such . Could the newspaper report on these things as I didn’t make it to the meeting .

  7. Mikey March 1, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    @Hal Austin,,, Send your correspondence to the Planning Committee and tell them to include Four Roads and Boscobelle, and increase the focus areas from 10 to 12 .
    Also attend the next schedule Meeting and support your suggestions with a Power Point presentation.

    That may be better than to spout gibberish at every opportunity !!!


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