Army celebrates colours

Members of the Barbados Defence Force took their colours to church under the new leadership of Lt Colonel Glyne Grannum, and celebrated with a march past of troops following the service.

While the ceremony at St Matthias Church was the first for Chief of Staff Grannum, who took over leadership from retiring Colonel Alvin Quintyne on January 31, the service also marked the 64th time that the colours were brought to church since they were handed to the Barbados Regiment.

Senior BDF officers in hymn and prayer.

Standing in place of Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Freundel Stuart, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Senator Patrick Todd took the salute as members of Barbados’ armed and unarmed forces marched past on St Matthias Road.

The two presenters in the service, Major Reverend Mylon Springer, and Acting Commander Major Wendy Yearwood, stressed loyalty in their brief remarks.

Deputy Chief of Staff Commander Aquinas Clarke and Major Wendy Yearwood.

Noting the recent change of leadership, which saw not only Grannum stepping up to the top post, but also Commander Aquinas Clarke moving up to the position of Deputy Chief of Staff – replacing Commander Errington Shurland who also went into retirement – Major Springer described the new army top brass, as “two good shepherds”.

“Those who were before in this force have done good jobs, and today we have men who come with special gifts,” he said.

“My brothers and sisters in Christ in the military, you have strong leadership . . . again. Support that leadership, be loyal to that leadership. Don’t stand in the face of anyone and say anything wrong against the leadership. There is something called loyalty. . . . Loyalty is number one in soldiering. If you don’t have that loyalty, you will fall apart.”

BDF officers retreat with the colours after the service.

Commander Yearwood said the presentation of Standard of Colours was “a fantastic opportunity for us to come together to share in fellowship and praise”.

“We hope that the fellowship and love which you experience here today will continue to echo in the days and years ahead,” she said, and urged senior officers, junior ranks, and cadets present to ensure that “the message which you hear today reflects in our lives and make us all better individuals so that we can serve in the Barbados Defence Force with loyalty, commitment, and dedication”.

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