Red House rule at Parkinson

After five years of persistent effort Red “Husbands” House are finally back on top as the new track champions of Parkinson Memorial School following their inter-house sports held Friday at the National Stadium.

They tallied 732 points to dethrone Blue “Gilkes” House who relinquished the trophy by 16 points after finishing on a total of 716, Green “Barnett” House with 658 came third and fourth were Yellow “Howard” House with 585 points.

One of the main highlights of the day came during the Under-17 Girls 100m when senior victrix ludorum Sarah Lawrence of Husbands House broke that record which stood for 20 years since 1997. Lawrence a member of Pacers Track Club stopped the clock at 12.25, erasing the old mark of 13.34 held by Keisha Gregg.

Senior victrix ludorum Sarah Lawrence of Husbands House broke the Under-17 Girls 100m record.

There are eight divisions and Husbands House dominated five including the Under-20 Girls and Boys, Under-17 Girls, along with the Under-15 Boys and Girls. Lawrence for her total of 50 points won the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and long jump.

It was a close tussle to the finish line in the Under-15 Girls 800m between housemates Brianna Bispham (left) winning ahead of Shaniel Sandiford.

Speaking with Barbados TODAY, Parkinson Memorial coach Lennox Ellis said be believed this was the best team they had in years in preparation for the highly anticipated Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Championship.

Senior victor ludorum Tristan Harper of Husbands House (red) stamped his authority to capture the Under-20 Boys 100m race.

That team will include Under-20 Division Boys champion Tristan Harper of Husbands House who collected 55 points. He was impressive in winning the 100m and 200m as expected. In fact last year at BSSAC Harper earned a place in the 100m final and should expect to make a strong appearance again this year. Harper was second in the long jump and discus, third in the 800m, fourth in the 400m and fifth in the shot put and javelin.

Jada Rowe of Husbands House had the Under-20 Girls 400m won from early in the race.

Junior victrix ludorum was Abianne Burrowes also of Husbands House winning the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m while placing second in the long jump for 48 points in the Under-13 Girls Division.

Ashem Vaughan of Gilkes House (left) running away from the Under-15 Boys 100m field.

Meanwhile, junior victor ludorum Taariq Holder of Gilkes House also scored 48 points to top the Under-13 Boys. He won the 100m, 200m, 400m and long jump and finished second in the 800m.

The Under-13 Boys 800m was an exciting battle between Nathaniel Holmes of Husbands House showing determination to pass junior victor ludorum Taariq Holder of Gilkes House.

In the Under-15 Division there was a battle for supremacy in the Girls and Boys, Makayla Lynch of Howard House and Keila Codrington of Gilkes both gained 36 points for the females. While in the males Kemar Carter of Gilkes and Tyrique Harewood of Husbands achieved 41 each.

Destany Chandler (front) winning the Under-15 Girls 100m sprint for Barnett House.

Under-17 Boys Jaden Callender of Gilkes House and Dishon King of Howard House secured 29 points each in that Division. Terri Daniel of Husbands House accumulated 46 points as she dominated proceedings in the Under-20 Division.

Jaden Callender of Gilkes House in full stride as he dismissed the field to win the Under-17 Boys 400m.

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