Flow Study receives kudos from education officials   

Flow Study could be entering local classrooms soon.

Last year, the telecommunications provider unveiled the on-demand, e-learning service that offers a wide variety of virtual educational tools for GSAT, CSEC and CAPE exams. Now, the creator of the project, One-On-One Education Services, is making strides to have Flow Study included as part of the official curriculum in local secondary schools.

Ricardo Allen and Christopher Rochester of One-On-One Education Services, the creators of Flow Study, in discussion with president Shone Gibbs (left) and Donna Sealy (right) of the Barbados National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations.

“One-On-One Educational Services is a start-up technology company that was established two years ago and our goal is to change the way children in the Caribbean learn. Since we started, we’ve used Caribbean teachers and professionals to author the content and we’ve partnered with Cable & Wireless Communications to distribute the content to students,” explained Ricardo Allen, founder and president of the Jamaica-based company.

Allen, a 2013 Fulbright Scholarship awardee, is currently in Barbados for a series of meetings with education stakeholders.

“The response to Flow Study has been truly remarkable. Back in Jamaica, the Ministry of Education has endorsed the product and we have a deal where teachers and students are using Flow Study at this very moment to prepare for upcoming exams, while in Barbados, we have met with various stakeholders such as CXC and the Ministry of Education and we are excited about prospects of improving the way our children learn and making quality education accessible to all. That’s the equity we are going after with Flow Study,” he said.

Sharon Jemmott, Head of Products at Flow Barbados, also expressed her delight at the education-based initiative which affords all residential customers the opportunity to sign-up for the service free of charge via the Flow Study app, Flow’s website and the Flow Video-on-Demand TV platform.

Registration is necessary for access to the learning materials that comprise various components – Online Courses, Question Bank, Past Paper e-Book, Virtual Science Labs, CyberPedia and Video Past Paper Solutions.

“We are ensuring that students will be able to access the Flow Study platform via any device on our network with no data charge associated, so they can use Flow Study for free. And this is good because accessibility is one of the big factors in getting eLearning, especially in the mobile space, off the ground in Barbados,” said Jemmott.

Allen also said he remains optimistic about transforming regional education.

“For centuries we’ve been doing education the same way – persons come in to a classroom, a teacher teaches the class and a student may get it or not. What we are doing with Flow Study is capturing that learning experience and a student can then consume it wherever, whenever and however they please.”

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