Review that tourism dependency

I read with a chuckle the comments made by Mr Richard Sealy that inferred the development of an exclusive country club was the type of thing that contributed to the one to two per cent growth in tourism over the past couple of years.

It got me thinking. How many folks who come for one to four weeks, or us longer term visitors and those arriving by cruise ship, will be buying a $1.3-$6.5 million home that will be opened to more tourists going forward. I say not too many, but then my sense of logic must be warped!

A neighbour who plays at Apes Hill regularly and who can afford it has cut his golf back to once per week, and Royal Westmoreland is out of the picture.

There is not enough employment in more of the Apes Hills for the Barbadian economy to be sustainable. If this is Mr Sealy’s vision of what will increase focus on tourism and indeed grow it, then the metrics upon which he makes such a judgment are much different from mine.

The dependency on tourism in Barbados has recently been shown to be a model that cannot suffer economic downturns, because elective spending in tough times is the first to go. Staycations or no vacations will inevitably occur.

Barbados needs to find a more sustainable model of mixed economic activity and definitely not one that returns to the old elitist concept of Barbados as a destination.

–– Alex Currie, North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

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  1. L King February 22, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    @Alex Currie

    Well said. I’ve been thinking that too

  2. hcalndre February 22, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    @Alex Currie, you are right , the people that runs the tourist industry in barbados have that old adage, Sun, Sand and Sea. That has gone long time ago. Barbados would do well when the winter in N. America and Europe is extremely bad, they should know that the winter has a few more weeks and things were not as good as they predicted. Then the prices in barbados are through the roof top, They will have to bring the prices a way down to match with some other destinations.

  3. jrsmith February 22, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    @, hcalndre , hail ,hail, good shot . they will have to bring the prices down to match with some other destinations , but they dont because bajans is always left holding the baby on barbados wages……..

  4. jus me February 22, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Here we are again.
    Discussing the symptoms NOT the cause.

    Whilst all we have to choose from, to run our small country ,is the debri of humanity, namely politicians and Lawyers.
    We eternally ,will be IN IT UP TO OUR NECKS

    How the Hell we end up with the maladjusted Moron, we have at present as a PM?
    Well like all things that are involved with the Running, I use that word loosely, of Barbados, BY ACCIDENT.

    BUT he was there . Deputy PM and so stepped into the role of PM, with about as much knowledge of running a billions of $ economy, as he can have garnered from running a rather desultory, very small time Law Office.
    Which is not much, close to nothing.
    BUT , again, there he is, mout tight shut , in charge of we future.
    Holding onto the position tighter than excretement sticks to a blanket.
    I feel he has understood very clearly now that he is unable to be dislodged.
    So will continue, face down in the trough until the final bell.

    Whereupon he will, relax foot up, in permanent luxury, at our expense, until called by his maker.

    Thereupon, we the electorate will engage yet another Boar or Sow to perpetuate the relinquished position.

    DO we, WILL we, EVER LEARN?.

    NO, but we do enjoy discussing the SYMPTOMS.
    We talk and discuss ,rather like a group of people who JUST having partaken of a heavy lunch, would talk of FOOD.
    It needs our bellies to have rubbed our back bone for a few years, to bring about a reality.
    Barbados is flat on its back ,OUT for the COUNT,,The KIng has NO CLOTHES.
    The whole World see,s it BUT NOT US.

    WE denigrate Tourists, and say when white women get raped.
    THATS WHY THEY COME HERE, that they cannot tell one bajun from another.

    WE INSIST on employing a TOTALLY CORRUPT Director of Public Prosecutions, who when two Canadian white women are attacked and one VICIOUSLY KILLED, finds God knows what stupid reason to give the killer just a few years in prison.

    Who allowed two killers, who tortured and murdered, the little girl in St Phillip, which was probably the most FOUL and Vicious murder ever perpetrated in Barbados, to virtually be made guiltless, and receive a sentence that was ,is, an insult to humanity.
    Tourists were SHOT in the main street of Bridgetown.

    The WORLD see,s and TAKES note and is reviled by the running of our country.
    Do you wonder ,.
    Barbados tourism suffers?

    We need to do a LOT LOT more than just reduce our prices.

    Go to Spain and see real tourism,see wine from 1 euro a bottle, see magnificent Buffets for 10 Euros, we can reduce prices to match that,I doubt it.
    Clean clean beaches, police that interact and are polite and efficient.
    Luxury buses on time , driven carefully.
    Name it its there,.
    Barbados has a 10th rate product nowdays, is Mutton dressed as Lamb.
    You feel JUST AN ELECTION will CURE our ills?? GET REAL!!
    We need a TOTALLY NEW SYSTEM run by business people and Rank and file Bajuns, one to balance the other.

    Right who,s ready for another discussion of the symptoms lol.



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