Police still trying to find Marlon George

Police continue to ask for the public’s assistance in locating a wanted man.

Marlon Omar George, 31, who also goes by the names“Mali”, “Gongles”, and “Ranger”,  is wanted in connection with serious criminal matters.

He is about five ft nine inches in height, medium build, light brown complexion, has medium to full lips, brown staring eyes, and a low haircut. He has a tattoo of a cross and the date 19th Sept 85 on his back. He also has several scars on his face.

George’s last known address was #16 Arden Close, Pinelands, St Michael.


One Response to Police still trying to find Marlon George

  1. North Point February 21, 2017 at 8:58 am

    Did any one check in Saint Vincent. CSME all the way.


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