Forde must pay for damage

An unemployed man has one month to come up with $1,160 in order to avoid jail time.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant ordered Daniel Ezekiel Forde to pay that amount in compensation after he pleaded guilty this morning to three charges.

Forde, 21, of Jackson Tenantry, St Michael admitted to damaging an Oran window valued at $450 belonging to his grandmother Ianthe Forde and an Oran sash casement window valued at $350 belonging to his aunt Juann Forde on December 3, 2016, without lawful excuse.

He also confessed to assaulting Zoe Hunte on February 4 this year, occasioning her actual bodily harm.

In the case involving Hunte, the court heard from police prosecutor Sergeant Janice Ifill that the complainant resides with her boyfriend and his family and Forde also lives at the house. On the day in question, Hunte was hanging out laundry on the outside when an argument erupted among family members. At some point, Forde reportedly slapped Hunte in her face several times and also struck her in the area of her left eye.

The matter was reported to police and Forde was taken into custody where he admitted to “poking” Hunte in the eye area, but denied slapping her.

Hunte, who was present in court, told the magistrate she received private medical attention for a swollen face.

With respect to the criminal damage, Ifill told the No. 2 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court that there was apparently a disagreement between other persons at Juann’s residence. On hearing the quarrel, Forde went outside and involved himself in the verbal altercation. Juann’s son spoke to Forde about his behaviour after the accused began to curse. He then took up a stick and motioned as though he would hit Juann’s son, even as he made threats to break the windows and burn the house.

He then took up some rocks and threw at the windows, breaking them.

Forde, who was not known to the law courts, was later taken into custody and charged.

He told Cuffy-Sargeant that the matter involving the window had been settled among his mother, grandmother and aunt.

His mother made an appearance and informed the court that her mother and sister had replaced the damaged window and she had agreed to pay them back.

With that information, the magistrate ordered that Forde pay his two relatives compensation for the damaged property in a month’s time, or he will spend one month in prison.

He was also ordered to hand over $360 in compensation to Hunte, which must also be paid in the same amount of time if he wants to avoid prison.

Forde returns to court on March 30 to show his receipt of payment.

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